Woroni’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021

  1. Maths vs Skateboarding 

By Andy Yin

A detailed breakdown of the mathematical concepts involved in skateboarding tricks. Read to find out what homotopy means and whether there can only actually be four skateboard tricks (mathematically speaking, that is).


2.ANU’s Compliance with ACT Health Questioned 

By Alexander Lane

Woroni reported on the discrepancy between ACT Health Regulations and the ANU’s Enhanced Stay at Home Order (ESAHO) system, concluding that the system was “not legally required by ACT Health.”


3. The Song of Achilles: A Hero’s Legacy of Ego and Redemption 

By Sabrina Tse

An exploration of the 2011 novel The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, man’s pride and ego, and the 2020 Olympics.


4. Squid Game: Putting the Fun back into Late -Stage Capitalism 

By Ashley Davies

A review of Squid Game, diving into the strengths of the k-drama, its themes of class and wealth inequality, and its relevance for our current times.


5. A Not-So-Grand Graduation for the Class of 2020 

By Dan Crane

The hybrid “Grand Graduation” held in February of this year as a celebratory event for the class of 2020 had a few shortcomings, leaving many students and families dissatisfied.

6. ANU Will Return to In-Person Graduations in 2022 

By Sasha Personeni 

“In his latest blog post, Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt announced that graduation ceremonies will return from February 2022”


7. The Venn Diagram: Mental Health and Neurodivergence 

By Zofia Francis 

What does mental health mean, and how is this different to neurodivergence? Zofia Francis shares their process of understanding themselves, explains neurodivergence through three tiers, and highlights the diversity of neurodivergent experiences.


8. BIPOC Report – A Collection of Responses From the Community

By Aleyn Silva and Sai Campbell

The BIPOC Report was released by the ANU BIPOC Department in September of this year. Read on to see a snapshot of  BIPOCcommunities’ response to the report.


9. ANU Not to Mandate Vaccines 

By Alexander Lane

Woroni reported on the ANU announcing that it will not mandate vaccination, unless required by the federal or state government.


10. Some Fun Tricks to Understand Hindi

By Nitya Narasimhan

Written in both Hindi and English, Nitya Narasimham shares their top tips for learning the language and improving you skills.


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