SSAF Bid 2018

What is SSAF?

The student services and amenities fee (SSAF) is that cheeky fee you pay at the beginning of each semester ($294 per year for full-time students). For more information about SSAF, check out the ANU website.

Where does your SSAF go?

ANUSA, PARSA, ANU Sport, Division of Student Life, and ANU Student Media all submit bids in September for allocation of SSAF. This goes on to fund vital student services, social activities, free food, sports programs, and your student media! The total amount in the 2017 pool of money was $5,162,589.

What does Woroni spend SSAF on?

In 2017 Woroni received $202,467 from SSAF. This funded the printing of our paper and the establishment of Woroni TV as well as operating costs of the association.

You can check out our 2017 SSAF Bid here.

You can also check our Year-To-Date expenditure against this bid to see what we’ve spent money on thus far.

What are we thinking about funding in 2018?

Our 2018 SSAF Bid is available online now:

2018 SSAF Submission and Appendix.


Want to have your say or ask a question about Woroni’s 2018 SSAF Bid and the other allocations?

Student consultation is now open. Your comments should be sent to by 1 December. More information can be found here: