hands in shadow with white dots over them

Too Large Hands

Content Warning: Sexual Assualt






I               let

my hands touch

               m y s e l f

my stomach

back, breasts.

running warm skin

slipping down like honeysuckle on summer’s first night.

what for so long i only thought

               o t h e r ’ s



could approach and take away.

eye off, own in their enlarged hands.

hands so large they smother every pocket and pore my body is allowed,

too large, hands

               t o o  l a r g e .

a body i only minimised and hurt and

couldn’t touch.

even if my brain

in its state of altered eternity

forgot, muddled, pretended to



what stranger’s hands that touched meant to

my body, that now

forever accepts, bows down

to those with no thoughts, no feelings, no trust

yet they

     d a r e d



               they don’t deserve what i don’t know. so now

somehow, now

i      TOUCH


and own my legs that walk across

               m o u n t a i n s

and arms that comfort those

who have also been touched by enlarged hands.

and my touch, my  s k i n  it is my own.

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