I See Beauty in Human Nature


Recently my friends and I saw the movie ‘Train to Busan’ – a zombie apocalypse movie, where the theme is human nature rather than the traditional horror. Afterwards one of my friends commented that the movie showed the selfishness of human nature, however, I thought it showed the beauty.

Indeed, there were many disappointing scenes in the movie. For instance, when some survivors reached the front train car, other passengers had locked the car door behind them, fearing infection – in order to ensure safety to the majority, the minority were treated cruelly. The film also, however, depicted people sacrificing themselves to buy the others’ time to escape. These are the magnificent heroes who we should learn from.

Some argue we are born good, others say we are born bad, however, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that human nature can be changed, it can be influenced by others. If you see a person show altruism, you will be moved. What is more, you’ll admire it, pursue it, even imitate it. This is embodied in the movie when after the sacrifice made by the first hero, many heroes appeared.

This phenomenon also exists in our daily lives, and I have personally experienced similar things. I was once cleaning a classroom alone, and when some other students saw, they also came to help. I once went to supermarket and did not have enough change, and the person after me gave me the difference. Then, when I found that one stranger did not have coins to take bus, I gave money to him without hesitation.

Human nature is more beautiful than you might think. Even if you lose confidence in the world, you cannot lose confidence in human nature – it is always surprising as a rainbow emerges when the whole world is stormy.

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