Flynn: The Dutiful General

In a world of alternative realities and facts, the author has channelled her inner Sean Spicer and taken the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn by the figurative Russian Reigns to uncover the truth(ful fiction) of what happened.

‘It’s time,’ speaks the voice, laced with a thick accent and breathing obnoxiously into the ear piece.

Flynn gets off the phone after a ‘lengthy’ conversation with the Russians. Things were moving fast, and he would soon receive a call from VP Pence asking for an update. While prepping himself for Pence’s questioning he ponders what POTUS’ current position on the Russians might be, given that he changes his mind as frequently as Flynn blinks. Thirty minutes tick by until the shrill ring of the phone indicate Pence on the other end of the line. Flynn delivers his debrief, definitely not leaving anything out.

He originally took the job out a sense of duty to the nation, naturally. Or so he justifies it; someone had to help control the crazed charlatan parading as President. It hadn’t been easy posing as a conservative Republican, but the dutiful General was as prepared as ever to sacrifice himself for the service of his country.

Nonetheless, Flynn found that he had to make concessions in the course of his work: being chummy with the Republicans for one, and carefully appearing to disagree with the White House Generals over security issues. The way Flynn saw it, Trump needed to be socially conditioned to the ins and outs of the security environment slowly, like a child being walked through the alphabet. Just, in this case, it was the agency alphabet.

The only problem was that before he could finish his lessons, the month was out, and Trump’s hot temperament saw Flynn booted from the White House. And, for the most absurd of reasons: ‘Failing to remember his conversation with the Russians about lifting sanctions’.

The accusation, of course, was a weak cover to hide the quagmire of confusion and chaos that was Trump’s administration – based, after all, on Trump’s erratic mind.

How could he, who had been the director of intelligence for numerous military intelligence bodies – including the Director of Intelligence of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan from 2008 – 2009 – have forgotten such an important detail! It’s the pot calling the kettle black, or maybe Russian.

Now what some may not know about Flynn is that he was forced out of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) for his allegedly chaotic management style. He was rude to staff, brashly went against policy, had poor listening skills and didn’t care much for facts. Clearly, it is far more than tenable that he was a little dishonest about his history with the Russians.

Please, he remembers the conversation.

Russians: You gotta lift sanctions.

Flynn: Why should I?

Russians: You work for us, you imbecile.

Flynn: Mmmm… not convinced.

[Russians sigh, there’s a pause and murmuring]

Russians: A matryoshka doll of the Trump Family?

Flynn: SOLD

The only conclusion that we the spectators can draw is that in trying to obfuscate the truth from the public, the administration has also confused themselves. Entangled in their web of lies, the walls of the White House are slowly crumbling. We may never know the truth about these people; we may never know if their intentions were good or not. All that we can hope for is that from the flames a phoenix will rise and create a symphony from the cacophony.

Flynn sighs, picks up his luggage, and walks towards the car waiting off in the distance. It’s February, but Russia is still cold as ice.


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