The Woroni Team

ANU Student Media and its platforms are funded and governed, managed and created by ANU students, for ANU students. Editors who are elected by members of the Association (all ANU students) serve 12-month terms on the Board, while sub-editors, who are appointed by editors, hold their positions for a semester. All ANU students – undergraduate and postgraduate – are eligible and invited to get involved.

Board of Editors

Charlie Crawford
Sarah Greaves
Deputy Editor-In-Chief
Phoebe Denham
Managing Editor
Claudia Hunt
Content Editor
Raida Chowdhury
News Editor
Arabella Ritchie
TV Editor
Cate Armstrong
Radio Editor
Jasmin Small
Art Editor
Bella Wang
Communications Editor

Information regarding the Association’s management of conflicts of interest, and any major conflicts disclosed by Editors can be found here. For information on previous board members and other notable alumni, head over to our Past Editors Page.

Sub-Editor Team


The management team is overseen by Bella Wang. They work to create partnerships with other businesses, organise advertising across the ANU Student Media’s platforms, undertake market research and strategic planning, maintain social media platforms and manage the ANUSM website.

For advertising and marketing enquiries please contact For administrative enquiries please contact


  • Senior Sub-Editor: Holly McDonell
  • Senior Sub-Editor: Aala Cheema
  • Senior Sub-Editor: Sarah Greaves
  • Print Sub-Editor: Lara Connolly
  • Print Sub-Editor: Remi Lynch
  • Print Sub-Editor: Hannah Bachelard
  • Print Sub-Editor: Ally Pitt
  • Print Sub-Editor: Cleo Robins
  • Online Sub-Editor: Chi Chi Zhao
  • Online Sub-Editor: Calean Doel
  • Online Sub-Editor: Anuva Rai
  • Online Sub-Editor: Patrick Fullilove

The content team is overseen by Claudia Hunt. They source and edit content for the Woroni magazine, both in print and online. The team can be contacted at


  • Senior News Reporter: Ruby Saulwick
  • Senior News Reporter: Sophie Hilton
  • News Reporter: Joseph Mann
  • News Reporter: Hannah Benhassine
  • News Reporter: Gisele Weishan
  • News Reporter: Beatrice Tomlinson
  • News Reporter: Dash Bennet
  • Columnist: Constance Tan
  • Columnist: Madhav Kacker

The news team is overseen by Raida Chowdhury. Woroni News covers any issue that affects students. This ranges from changes to ANU policy to how federal politics impacts students, to issues on campus like hazing and discrimination. The team focuses on covering current events as they happen, as well producing investigative pieces that brings issues to light and informs the student public. The team works both in print and in online, and has a radio show on Tuesdays, at 3:30pm. They are contactable at

Semester Two 2022

Art and Design

  • Senior Artist: Vera Tan
  • Senior Artist: Sanle Yang
  • Artist: Cynthia Weng
  • Artist: Amanda Lim
  • Artist: Brandon Sung
  • Artist: Oliver Stephens
  • Artist: Jocelyn Wong

The art team is overseen by Jasmin Small. They source artwork and illustrations for the Woroni magazine, produce graphics for all ANU Student Media’s platforms. They are contactable through


  • Executive Producer: Sarah Patience
  • Executive Producer: Kerry Jiang
  • Producer: Paris Chia
  • Production Assistant: Yola Reinecke
  • Production Assistant: Bohong Sun

The TV team is overseen by Arabella Ritchie. They produce engaging and informing video content on a regular basis that focuses on ANU and the local Canberra area. They are contactable at


  • Executive Producer (Creative Content): Cate Armstrong
  • Executive Producer (Features Content): Caoimhe Grant
  • Broadcast Producer: Alexander An
  • Broadcast Producer: Natasha Kie
  • Technical Officer: Punit Deshwal

The radio team is overseen by Cate Armstrong. They manage the Woroni Radio station by producing audio content and podcasts, ensuring high sound quality, creating 24-hour music playlists, liaising with the shows, offering Woroni Radio‘s service at external events and supervising the live broadcast on weeknights. They are contactable at