Conflicts of Interest

As Board members of a media organisation, ANU Student Media Editors exercise extreme caution when identifying, acting and managing of conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest has the potential to cause extensive and irreparable damage to the reputation of ANU Student Media and the editors themselves, and could also jeopardise the relationship of service and trust between ANU Student Media and the ANU community. Major potential conflicts of board members are listed below.

Board of Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Box

  • Employee at the High Court of Australia

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Charlie Crawford

  • Employee at Legal Aid ACT
  • Previous Residential Advisor at Burgmann College

Managing Editor: Phoebe Denham

  • Student Representative on Student Safety and Wellbeing Committee (ANU Council)

News Editor: Raida Chowdhury

  • Casual Multimedia Reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Content Editor: Claudia Hunt

  • Employee of East Asia Forum (Crawford School of Public Policy)

Art Editor: Jasmin Small

  • Nil

Radio Editor: George Hogg

  • Member of AUJS
  • Technologist at the ABC

TV Editor: Arabella Ritchie

  • TV News Operations Specialist at the ABC

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief maintains the records of the Association and documentation listing all disclosed Editors’ and sub-editors’ conflicts of interest. Volunteers within the association are asked to disclose their conflicts of interests as per their memorandum of understanding.

The most recent version of the Woroni Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.