Woroni TV Pilot Week 2019

Woroni TV is now taking submissions for Pilot Week 2019! As part of the inaugural Pilot Week, Woroni TV will select three episodic scripts written by ANU students and produce a pilot episode to be released through Woroni in Semester 1. If the pilot is well-received by Woroni TV and/or the ANU community, there is scope for it to become a series at Woroni TV in Semester 2.

Woroni TV is interested in receiving scripts of all shapes and sizes – fiction, non-fiction, explainers, interviews, musical, satire and anything else. We do recommend that you have a look through Woroni TV’s existing videos to see if we’re a good home for you – we mostly make videos around 4 minutes in length of interest to the average ANU student. We unfortunately do have limitations, for example we can’t produce anything too visual effects or animation heavy until you’ve got a cool mill lying around to fund it.

Please send any questions about the application process to julia@woroni.com.au. We are more than happy to chat to you about your ideas before submission!

Submissions close Wednesday 3rd April at 11:59pm.

Woroni TV Pilot Week 2019

    Please pick all that apply
  • Pitch your series! Tell us why Woroni TV should make it. Please include details of how many episodes it needs, what resources are required to make it (particularly if they stretch beyond the means of Woroni TV) and who would watch it. (300 words or less.)
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
    Please attach a sample script, or "pilot" episode, for Woroni TV to read. This should be a good representation of the series and viewers should want more after seeing it. Please upload in .pdf, .doc or .docx format.
    As the writer, you will be involved in the process of creating the pilot, particularly in the pre-production phase. However, it will be a collaborative process involving several other team members who will be working hard to bring your vision to life. Woroni TV will assign a producer to supervise the project from start to finish as well as a camera operator and video editor to cover the technical aspects of the project.