Woroni is Hiring for Semester 2 2024

Woroni is hiring for Semester 2 2024! Positions are available across our Content, Art, News, Radio, TV, and Communications portfolios.

At Woroni we are committed to:

  • producing interesting, entertaining, informative and regular content across our print, multimedia, radio and online media platforms;
  • contributing to a sense of university identity and reflecting the scholarly and cultural diversity of the ANU community;
  • promoting open public dialogue and debate in the ANU community;
  • promoting awareness of the variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities undertaken by students at ANU;
  • discovering and developing the creative talents of students at ANU in journalism and the media arts;
  • promoting the best practice in professional journalism; and
  • being innovative and exploring new media forms.

A great student media organisation is for everyone. Student media should promote conversations, and provide a platform for people with different views, identities and lived experiences. Our ultimate aim is to build a culture of inclusivity and diversity across our platforms. A large portion of ANU’s students relocate to Canberra to study, which means our community is extremely diverse. Woroni is funded by, created by and consumed by ANU students, and our mission is to produce print, radio and television content that truly reflects this community.

Woroni is committed to diversity in hiring and encourages applications from ANU students of all backgrounds. These are volunteer positions, however individuals may receive an honorarium based on their commitment to the role. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact woronieic@gmail.com. If you would like to contribute to our mission, see below for how you can get involved with student media!

Applications will close at midnight on Sunday the 28th of July 2024. Interviews may be conducted at any time throughout or after the application period. 


The Content Team oversees sourcing, editing and production of written content for our magazines and website. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work in print production, understanding the editing and sourcing process, or to get your hands dirty writing creative stories, poems or insightful essays. Generally, the team is split into print and online — though working in one doesn’t prevent you from dabbling in the other.


Print sub-editors focus on the magazine. They work to produce six every year, each with their own distinct theme. They source and edit student contributions, as well as publishing pieces of their own. Best suited for somebody who is interested in print production and editing.


Online sub-editors create content for the website. We are primarily looking for reviewers and columnists. Reviewers are supported by Woroni to review the latest films, novels and whichever other media interests you, producing semi-regular content for the website. Columnists will semi-regularly contribute opinion pieces, cultural comment and analytical work for the website. Best suited with somebody who wants to write regularly and has a lot to say.

Senior Sub-Editors:

Senior sub-editors oversee the work of sub-editors. Mentoring, copy editing and taking on more challenging pieces.

Apply to join the Content Team here.


The Woroni Art team has many exciting opportunities available for ANU students interested in all aspects of art and graphic design. We encourage absolute creative freedom in your artistry. Becoming a part of the team is a great way for you to get experience in having your work published (and looks great on any resume or in any portfolio). It can also help with giving you as an artist an extra boost in confidence in your own skills and ability by providing you with a platform to show off your skills. The actual workload is bent to accommodate each individual’s other commitments.

Artists are responsible for creating consistently high quality art for Woroni and must be able to stick to strict deadlines. Usually, this is three to six pieces of art per print cycle, to be published either online or in print. Additionally, the work requires proficiency in producing art of specific structural qualities (PPI, sizing, CMYK colour palette etc.). Artists must be responsive to the Art Editor and are expected to attend meetings, Woroni events and social activities. Artists are also expected to contribute to the marketing and promoting of content. Some experience in producing art and/or designs under instruction is preferred but not required. Ideally, Artists would work well within a team, are approachable, and want to bring their own ideas to the team!

If anything can be done to make the application process more accessible, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact woroniart@gmail.com.

Apply to join the Art Team here


Woroni’s News Team reports on the current affairs impacting the ANU community and students in particular. It is a fast-paced work environment where members of the team report on a variety of topics, ranging from student politics, changes to the University’s policies, to the Federal Budget. The News Team meets each week and everyone meets tight deadlines. It is a fun, closely-knit team that helps create excellent writers who work well under pressure. If anything can be done to make the application process more accessible, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact woroninewseditor@gmail.com.

Senior News Reporter:

Senior News Reporters are responsible for the coverage of news stories and relevant information, while also sourcing news leads, researching and investigating stories, writing drafts and also editing the drafts of news reporters. They must be highly active in their communication, with the role requiring a commitment of 10-15 hours per week. Senior reporters should be confident writers, able to give clear, constructive feedback, work to tight deadlines, competent in pitching articles and capable of instructing news reporters. Prior experience in student journalism is a strength.

News Reporter:

News Reporters regularly write articles for Woroni News on events and issues that impact ANU students. They are expected to engage with campus life, write, on average, an article a week, and attend weekly team meetings. The role will also involve attending various events throughout the semester, like festivals, non-autonomous collective meetings, protests etc. News Reporters must be able to: write concisely and accurately; meet deadlines at short notice; pitch story ideas; work well in a team environment; and be confident in independently investigating issues further. A Woroni News Reporter is required to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to their role, and must write one article per week.

News Columnist:

News Columnists write articles that include the usual reporting with some additional commentary and analysis. They will primarily be tasked with news topics which require more contextualisation than a regular news article can provide. A columnist should show an appetite for complex topics and should demonstrate an ability to create comprehensive and sophisticated analysis. A Woroni News Columnist is required to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to their role, and must write one-two articles per fortnight.

Apply to join the News Team here


The Radio team runs Woroni Radio; ANU’s student radio. From scheduled broadcasts to one-off specials, there is a kaleidoscope of content produced by Woroni Radio. We are seeking passionate and energetic individuals for the role of Producer. If anything can be done to make the application process more accessible, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact woroniradioeditor@gmail.com.


A Producer provides both technical and moral support to presenters throughout the semester. Producers and presenters will work together to create engaging radio shows that air on a weekly basis. They will also assist their Executive Producer with either Creative or Features content production. This role is approximately 5-7 hours per week and no past experience is necessary as long as you are keen to learn and passionate about helping our presenters create quality radio content! The ideal candidate will be approachable, organised, responsible, reliable, a good communicator, a team player and a critical thinker.

Apply to join the Radio Team here


The TV team at Woroni produces video content ranging from campus life to news reporting. We’re looking for fun, creative, and passionate sub-editors and senior sub-editors to join the team! The TV Team is responsible for supporting our News portfolio in multimedia journalistic content, covering topical on campus events, and pursuing more creative long term projects.

The TV team is looking to fill positions which take on a variety of roles! There are entry level positions with no prior technical knowledge needed will look like developing video concepts, filming with audio and camera equipment, and experimenting with video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. There is also the capacity to take greater leadership roles within the team – directing the creative vision for particular projects and managing smaller project teams in collaboration with the TV Editor. There are positions for everyone, whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, leverage your existing creative skills in a team environment, or take on more of a time commitment and help manage the TV Portfolios projects. Although prior experience in media production is advantageous, it is not mandatory.

Apply to join the TV Team here


If anything can be done to make the application process more accessible, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact woronicommunications@gmail.com.


Our photographers produce content for our written content, especially for our news reporting, as well as working on their own creative projects to add to their portfolio. This often includes attending protests and public events to photograph speakers and turnout Alongside this, they photograph student events, giving them a front row view and experience in professional photography settings.

Photographers are expected to work 5-10 hours a week, and the nature of the position means that work is sometimes delegated on short notice. We’re looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals interested in media photography. Woroni has some photography equipment, but applicants are also expected to own their own.

Apply to join the Photography Team here

Social Media Sub-Editor:

Social Media Sub-Editors work with the Woroni board and other sub-editors to manage our online platforms and overall image. This includes scheduling posts across platforms for teams, creating and designing infographics, and pitching and making independent posts.
Social Media sub-editors are expected to work 5-10 hours per week, including attending a fortnightly meeting. We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic, skilled with social media, and wants to get involved in student media.

Apply to join the Social Media Team here

Events Officer:

Woroni is looking for an Events Officer to help us run and manage a variety of events throughout the semester. With a large budget and organisational support, this is a great chance to get involved in event planning and understand the administration of Woroni. Experience organising events in and outside ANU is preferable but not required. Required work includes planning events, contacting suppliers, booking venues, MCing and helping to support our Board as they run events. Events Officers are expected to dedicate an average 5-8 hours per week and attend fortnightly meetings.

Apply to join the Events Team here

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.