Why are you at university?

As a new year dawns at ANU it might pay to reflect briefly on just why it is that we come to university. Too often people can drift aimlessly. They suffer no harm but certainly do not get the most out of the experience either. Assessing and articulating your priorities while being aware of everything, your time at university can be invaluable.

The most obvious reason to come to university is to get a degree. When you are spending $30 – 100 thousand on your education, you want to get something for it. A solid transcript gives a lot of opportunities and imparts a quiet confidence.

The second reason would be partying, making friends and forging an identity. There is no better place than university to discover yourself and the world. You are surrounded by hundreds of intelligent, interesting people. Everyone is open to new experiences and new friends. Youth makes us bold and keen for adventure.

In bronze position is the quest for knowledge. It is not common, but some out there have been drawn to university by the promise of answers, or at least intellectual stimulation. If you give them a chance the academic corridors of this university can provide a great deal of wonder.

As something of an old hand, I would like to impart one piece of advice. No matter which of the items above you prioritise, don’t forget about the other two. A little bit of time management and sensible advice from latter year students can easily give you the tools to juggle socialising, studying and seeking.

If you neglect any area chances are you will look back on university as something of a lost opportunity. If you did not socialise enough you will not feel like you have made enough friends for the future or given yourself the tools and knowledge to meet a great partner. If you have not studied you will be surprised at how many doors are shut to you. And if you do not seek you will be liable to wander for many more years until you get to grips with what you want from life.

These years are not necessarily the best in your life but they are the ones that you can live with the most intensity. 

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