What is the Greatest Scientific Advancement of all Time?

Google Maps
Wanting Chen


The best scientific advancement to date, I suppose, is Google Maps. As a new resident in this exotic land, I depend on this man made invention to find the right directions to shopping malls, to the university, to my changing accommodation location, etc. It is practically the most frequently used APP on my phone, which is of great convenience to my new and unsettled life here in Australia.
On top of that, this scientific advancement also reflects how humans have explored nearly every corner of the world… how fantastic of our ancestors!

Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Aleen Arif


John Dalton’s discovery was, at the time, incredibly ingenious, as it combined information from Democritus’ ancient theory of matter and the recently validated scientific laws of multiple proportions and conservation of mass. His Theory described how matter is composed of atoms, compounds are matter composed of multiple atoms and that a rearrangement of atoms is a chemical reaction. He provided a strong foundation for further scientific research by great scientists such as Niels Bohr and Ernest Rutherford. Such research would not have been achievable had Dalton not proposed his atomic theory in the early 1800’s.
Dalton’s proposed theory provided the groundwork for further research on the theory of matter and atomic structure that led to important discoveries. It is still highly relevant for contemporary scientific research of today on antimatter, such as photons, which could lead to greater discoveries on the universe and its origins.

Theory of Relativity
Sebastian Rossi


The theory of relativity, in summary, is the theory that perceives gravity as the distortion of space time. If space and time were combined into one two dimensional piece of spandex type material as a representation, adding marbles would distort it, and drag all other marbles simultaneously towards it and towards the others. This has changed the way we perceive the universe as it explains the bending of light, orbiting bodies, and time dilation by massive objects. Time dilation was shown in the movie ‘Interstellar’ rather well, where time passed much more quickly for the crew relative to everything else, simply because they were next to a black hole and its gravity was stretching space time around it. So without a doubt, it is one of the greatest scientific discoveries. Thank you Einstein.

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