True Detective: A True Gem


I’ve always been a fan of cop shows. It might stem from watching old Jackie Chan movies
from the 90s, to watching more modern series like NCIS or the re-imagined Sherlock. But
I’ve found that a bunch of modern crime dramas suffer from the same problem: the one case
solved per episode dilemma, with investigators finding the ‘smoking gun’ (so to speak) with a
swift stroke; the detectives busting in to save the day like knights in shining armour. This is
where True Detective breaks the mould.

A dark, sinister, and moody crime drama with a gothic feel, True Detective revolves around
two detectives trying to catch a serial killer with a bizarre, ritualistic MO, over an arduous 17
years. The acting by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrellson who portray the two
detectives is fantastic and I am left eagerly awaiting the next episode week after week.

The murder the detectives are trying to solve is intriguing and whenever you think you might
have put a piece together, the evidence pulls you in another direction; but that’s got nothing
on the characters themselves. True Detective doesn’t feel rushed or forced, thus allowing
the story and characters to develop in such a way that isn’t possible in shorter series. The
cinematography is spectacularly shot, and Louisiana is a welcome reprieve from New York
City or Los Angeles, where so many cop shows seem to be shot.

If you’re looking for some action-oriented crime where the good guys blow the bad guys
away, this series is not for you. True Detective’s style is more about storytelling and the
darker realities of life and the human psyche. If that’s your speed, I can guarantee you that
True Detective will be an absolute gem that you’ll be glad to have uncovered.

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