Two Universities

The University of Adelaide. 1961- 1965.

Fraternity meant something then,
Adelaide men;

ingenious intent
fired every temperament,

serious we were, and then
hilarious again;

adventurous paradox
was treasured like mining stocks,

irony went down like wine
friendship had a splendid time,

we had fraternity then,
Adelaide men.

We congregated separately then,
women and men.

It was custom
against attraction.

Brunhilde, I remember,
the fair hair on her shoulder.

She turned away,
lest I stay.

That was common then
between women and men.

Desire turned into song,
bittersweet, and long.

The ANU 1969-1971

Burton Hall
was congenial,

the girls there
were fair,

how could you not
love the lot?

One I did,
and she I married;

as they should,
the times were good.

Reg Naulty was a Philosophy tutor at John XXIII College in 1969.