The Introvert's Soliloquy

Artwork: Maddy Brown

As of this very moment, I have never felt more alive, Because each day I wake up with only me, myself and I. Such a cruel irony, all those peasants, their social lives cut short,

Now they can’t hang out with friends, they’ve cancelled all team sports.

But I believe, all of my life, I’ve prepared for this day to come,

Utopic isolation: I knew there’d be a time when I’d have to see no one.

It’s such a rush, to be alone, and with my mighty sword, Battle terrible monsters and RSI from spamming my glowing keyboard.


Any sunlight burns my skin, inside the air is damp and close.

I soldier on, because here in my bed is where I find comfort most.

Netflix is my special place, I binged Tiger King in one day. My dances have made me Tik Tok famous, should I audition for Broadway?

I love how all my extrovert friends can’t tell if I’m even jokin’

When I say that there’s nothing more satisfying than saying nothing, because your mic on Zoom is ‘broken’. Social distancing saved my life, and to it I am ever grateful,

Cause there’s nothing worse than going out to restaurants: UberEats, give me a plateful!


All those people going to Bondi, they must be sick in the head.

It’s like they have no self-control, do they want this virus to spread?

I just can’t believe someone would want to voluntarily go outside!

The internet is so freaking cool and if you need, into those DMs you can slide!


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll find someone who too loves the silent abyss,

Who likes to stay in bed, reads and bakes, who thinks a life at home is bliss.

So, if you’re reading now (you know who you are), and you think it’d be a treat,

Please isolate with me, it’s not that hard, and you wouldn’t even have to speak.

Cause I am just an introvert, but this I know is true,

That if I were to be lonely, I’d only want to be lonely with you.