Song for Daybreak

I have come to learn that happiness lies in truly living,

not in memories of the bronze light that stretches across the birch by dawn,

or in the tincture of the celestial blood moon in the ephemeral ruins,

nor in freedom from uneasy coexistence.


Instead, I consider the ancient Greeks and their lessons on Eudaimonia:*

as the day kneels forward, you sing out.

As you cast a broken net, oblivious to time and space,

and focus solely on the necessities of virtue

and wisdom daily,

and in face of justice and mercy, you do not flinch,

and with the antiquated stories buried, they carry you forward as you unstitch the lessons of the

fallen empire.

All visions and prophecies teach you that the past does not follow so straight a path.

Then you praise existence, the living and the human.


*Greek for happiness