Six Summer Steps for a Super Start to 2K16

Sometimes at this point of the semester, the only motivation many of us have is the forthcoming summer break. So whether you are HD-Harry or “classes are for passes” Cassy here are seven ways in which you can have a productive summer and hit the New Year feeling prepared and positive.

1. Escape

Whether you race every other Canberran to the beach or stay at home, it is absolutely essential to give yourself a break! Even the high achieving contortionists feel cramped under the pressure of a twelve-week semester and it is important to change your routine immediately after your last exam is done. This allows you to separate relax time with study time which can help in making your future labours more fruitful.

2. Relax

As mentioned in, it is essential that you give your body the time to relax and detox from the stress of study. This is a time where you have no obligations, duties or assignments due tomorrow. Whether it’s reading books, watching television or sunbathing, this is a time when you should not feel under any pressure. Allowing your mind and body to relax allows it to recover from university trauma and prepare for future success.

3. Drink

When I told my housemate I was writing this article, he said: “Mate, I can write the article for you: Step 1: Get shredded; Steps 2-6: Drink a six pack of beer for every ab.” He has a very good point: whether you’re rocking the beach bod or the dad bod, it’s time to party, let loose and drink. This segment is more or less acknowledging that as university students we probably all require the heavenly escape that liquor provides. If you are going to drink yourself into a stupor you might as well do it now so that you can begin your New Years “never drinking again” resolution after your first hangover in December.

4. Adventure

The world is your oyster and you can do what you want with it. But first you need to explore it! As the budding teachers, actors, doctors, lawyers, etc of this world, it is important that we learn about new people and new places. Moreover, this is your two and a half month break where you can make the memories and learn lessons to last a lifetime. Those of us who do score full time career-style jobs after university are unlikely to see little more than a public holiday for time off over the early years of that occupation. Furthermore, by the time you have this much time off, you’ll probably be retired. Even for those of us who may not be seeking full time employment following university; this is your time off, you’ve earned it by studying for the better half of the year so you might as well travel and see the world today.

5. Prepare

H. Jackson Brown Jr. Says: “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”(1) After you finish gallivanting around the world it will be time to return home and begin preparing for the year ahead. The most important part of this step is to look at the preparation itself in a positive way. Only you can determine what makes you subjectively happy. If working hard now will help you tomorrow and if your working hard is enjoyable, is it really hard work?

6. Hit the ground running

You’ve relaxed, you’ve prepared now it’s time to work hard and enjoy the results but most importantly remember to have fun!


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