Professor Love LOV3001: You just don't know what they're into

A genderless article at best here folks, but with a bit of a nod to the boys to pay attention. The topic of the hour is: you simply just don’t know what the other person is sexually into until you have a go. This is about how to project yourself as a diverse sexual option to someone, when they might underestimate your sexual ability.

If you get shot down, you needn’t despair, because you have no clue what they are thinking and their assumption might just be your chance to prove yourself. The key in a situation when you’re sexually underestimated, is to do your utmost to communicate to the other person this baseline: “I’m completely aware of my ability to satisfy you”.

Just a quiet disclaimer before we commence, this isn’t about trying to get someone to have sex with you who has already decided you’re not their cup of tea. This is about influencing a potential sexual partner’s view of you, or even working out a better way to satisfy a loved one.

The key is communication and the goal is to reach into your partner’s desires to find the key to their satisfaction.

If you manage to dance your way to the final stages, you’ve got one-another half-dressed and in your bed (hopefully you’ve made the bed for a change), you still need to know what they are into.

Good sex is relatively straight forward. But once you delve into each other’s particular preferences, a world of opportunities await.

You’ll have to really hone in on your instinct, your guts to try new things, ability to communicate (by asking quality questions) and by simply going for it, reading her or his body language, tone and face. Some people will completely surprise you once you get started.

The key to taking what you’ve learnt in this column into your everyday life lies in the ability to harness a sexual confidence about yourself that will manifest in your partner’s increased ability to see you as a sexual person, but also their openness to communicate with you.

Confidence, comfort and charisma are they keys to unlocking levels of intimacy with your partner that will, hopefully, bring the both of you new experiences that will both strengthen your bond and be some great fun for the both of you.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t change yourself for someone else, and you definitely shouldn’t sacrifice what turns you on for what turns on your partner, but hopefully this article has at least broadened your minds and stimulated your imagination.

Good luck and good loving!

Professor Love

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