Prof Love LOV3001: You Will Always Be An Option

You will always be an option.

This is such a hard, and painful, bitter pill to swallow and life changing lesson to learn for some. This is especially true for those who learn it during a break up. Being an option is always best; it’s the way life should be between to people. You are somebody’s choice. You can’t control, nor truly force or possess another person. This might seem tough to understand, yet in reality it is truly liberating.

A huge lesson in maturity over all, is learning to not be overly attached, slightly indifferent and carefree, easy breezy about the boys and girls whom really aren’t that into you. People who really want to be with you, will be and choose you. You’ve gotta be able to give people the time and space to make the right decision for themselves, and by you. Do you really want to be with someone who has no choice, no volition, and no say in the matter, how can you know they really like you, or even love you?

Being an option is liberating because it means you are in the game. It means that you have options. It means that you can be somebody, or many people’s options. Understanding this really unlocks your power within. You can choose your activities, you can choose your night spots, you have the power to be happy in a way which enables you to be selective and a genuine participant in the process.

Yet what about when you’re not the option anymore? That tough time when people choose you then walk away? What about when people never even consider you? What about when your dignity, your self worth was sacrificed just to fail? You don’t want to be “just an option”, you want to be the “one and only”, “non-negotiable”.  Well, that’s a fair call, and I can feel that, I can. People ultimately will learn only after the choice is made, if they have made the right one, and you can revel in realities of their choices and your own, for better or for worse. The truth is, the best battles, in love and war, are fought and won by men and women who made the choice to stand up for what they believe in, not what they were forced into.


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