Prof. Love, LOV3001: Aggression: Yes Or No?

At the Burgmann Toga Party, I met a lot of people whilst doing some “research” and there was an interesting trend occurring. The trend was that a lot of guys simply had no idea about how to be aggressive enough to capitalize on indications of interest. Even the most blatantly obvious cues, such as when a gal drunkenly fumbles her way into a guys arms or when the two of them are just bopping in one spot in the “never ending conversation loop” or the rooky “interview in the crowd”, the guy wasn’t making the right moves, much less closing the deal.

So what is aggression, in the dating sense, and how do you utilise it? Well it doesn’t mean ‘to be mean’, pushy rude, abusive or anything like that; it is an essentially controlled emotion which drives your intent in the form of physical actions.
Simply put, it’s just “going for it”. What did that mean at the Toga Party? Simply wrapping your arm around the other person, taking them in for a dance, holding of the hand, or just go straight for the kiss. But please, just not directly in front of the toilet, for many reasons

Finally, to the lad whom I showed the ropes, I hope you had a great night of success. Don’t forget the basics, in terms of being aggressive, get a handle on how you feel in the moment; know what you want, what your intent is, and just go for it.

Prof. Love answers your questions:

Question 1:
Q~ Prof, I spoke to heaps of girls all O-Week, but nothing happened. What’s the story? I thought O-week was a fertile feeding ground?
A~ Trying not to face palm here, but I’m going to assume you’re still getting the hang of things. You probably should read my previous LOV3001 column for tips on aggression and keep going through the numbers. Remember this, perfect practice makes perfect.

Question 2:
Q~ Love Doc, what the hell man, she was giving me all the signs all week but when I made a move she wasn’t interested! What went wrong here?
A~ One of two things either, she wasn’t ready for it herself, or you’re timing was wrong. I’m going to take it you didn’t give it a second try? Remember, persistence can sometimes be the key- maybe you’re just not pressing her buttons. If not, move on.

Question 3:
Q~ What’s up Doc? I made a shit-tonne of friends during O-week and hooked up with a couple of people, but they really arn’t the best people.
A~ Is the question what’s up? Or what I think of the not so good people? Dude, learn to let go of bad friendships and bad relationships, it’s not worth it. As for what’s up? Kicking ass and taking names.

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