Australian public service lanyard

Ode to the Public Servants of the Pop-Up

Walking around the Pop-Up,

I see suits and lanyards all around.

I wish they would leave us alone,

And respect the traditional Cupping Room boundary.

They flit in and out from 12 ‘til 2,

Then go back to their offices.

I wonder what they talk about,

Probably how good their Brodburger was.

The little emus and kangaroos on their APS lanyards,

Look out to the world and say,


But I could be projecting.

At the end of the day,

The most worrisome thing,

Is that they represent a frightening future that all ANU students dread,

A life of mundanity as an APS 6.

I mean, I guess it’s fair they want a tasty meal,

But at the same time, uni should be a space for students,

Not designed around corporate profit.

So, I’m sorry, but to the public servants of the Pop Up…

Please fuck off.