O-Week as a Townie


So you’re a townie.  Whether you’re a born and bred Canberran, or a new to the capital, your first O-Week can be daunting. So here are my tips for facing O-Week as a townie:


1.     If you’re a Radford/Grammar/Bundah alumnus, stress less – you haven’t accidentally mixed up the school reunion dates, this is ANU O-Week.

2.     So much free stuff – drink bottles, flyers, even condoms! Keep what you want but don’t hoard it all. You need desk space for your new $250 textbook.

3.     “First Year Science Camp” sounded extremely lame, but it was the best decision I made in O-Week – sign up!

4.     Go to a Griffin Hall pre-drinks event. Best-case scenario, you love it and join, worst-case scenario, you meet new people and get free booze.

5.     Sign up for a team sport (the netcrawl is great), or if team sport is not your thing go to a free ANU gym class workout and bond over inhumane cycle classes.

6.     So mystery guy is a third year: this does not make him three times cooler than other guys. He’s simply two years older than you.

7.     Okay so mystery guy is actually really cool: please use appropriate freebie from point 2.

8.     Lastly, that older guy in the free food line next to you is not a professor, that’s a mature aged student.


There is no formula to having a great O-Week as a Townie except that you get out as much as you put in. So don’t limit yourself to pre-drinks with Stacey from Double English, put yourself out and I guarantee you’ll meet some great people.