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Is Netflix Trying to Make You a Vegan?

The vegans are getting smarter. We have plant-based substitutes for literally any animal product you can think of. Vegan toothpaste? We’ve got that. Vegan chicken nuggets? We are all over that. Vegan leather goods? Got that as well. Literally, we have everything. And it’s all amazing. More and more I hear the sweet melody of an omnivore saying ‘wait, no way this is vegan! It just tastes so good!’ It warms this little vegan heart of mine.

Vegans are very passionate about veganism. Some might argue that we’re too passionate – that these ‘hippy animal lovers’ are trying to force their lifestyles onto others (side note: we just want you to be woke). Luckily, we’ve copped the memes and the jokes with good spirit, and we’re not giving up anytime soon. Our latest trick to teach humanity compassion? Exposing the truth about your eating habits, agricultural industries, and the effects these have on the environment through a medium consumed by thousands every day.

The vegans have infiltrated Netflix.

We only have good things to say, really. We want to save human lives, animal lives, and the Earth. So, if you’re interested in being kind to animals and the environment, have a watch of these films the next time you find yourself scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch.


Directed by Boong Joon-ho, Netflix released Okja at the end of June. It’s a whimsical story of a young Korean girl, played by Ahn Seo-hyun, whose best friend, Okja, is a ‘super-pig’ (read: really big cute pig who will steal your heart). Evil corporate tyrant (Tilda Swinton) and her lackeys (including Jake Gyllenhaal) want to butcher Okja and sell her meat to the population for consumption. You’ll laugh and cry as you watch our brave hero try to save Okja from the fate that millions of animals face daily.

How vegan will I be after watching?
‘Bawling in front of the meat section in Woolies and holding vigils outside of butchers’ out of vegan


With the charismatic filmmaker Kip Andersen as our frontman, Cowspiracy enlightens the viewer to the slimy goings-on of America’s biggest companies. Have the American government and the agriculture industry known the damage they are doing to the environment for years, and are they actively trying to keep the truth from the public? Are we killing millions of innocent animals at the detriment of the environment and our health? Kip saves at least one chicken spontaneously during this film; it’s really a must-watch.

How vegan will I be after watching?
‘All I want in life is to settle down with rescue animals and live off the grid’ out of vegan

Forks Over Knives

It turns out that veganism not only helps the environment and animals, but it helps you as well! This documentary focuses on the benefits of a plant-based whole foods diet through several case studies. Highly-regarded American nutritionists share their stories and shed light on the detriment of consuming animal products.

I felt great watching this because I was eating a bowl of hot chips by myself and one of the doctors in the movie said a high carb diet was good for me. Nailed it.

How vegan will I be after watching?
‘Eats a one kilogram tub of hummus within two days’ out of vegan

What The Health

The long-awaited sequel to Cowspiracy, we have Kip Andersen endeavouring to make us even more woke. This time, he focuses on how eating a plant-based whole foods diet can drastically improve our health, especially regarding Type Two diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. If you love a good conspiracy, you’ll love Kip calling up different government agencies demanding answers but getting only excuses.

How vegan will I be after watching?
‘Googles ‘is the Australian government trying to kill me with dairy’ at three in the morning’ out of vegan

I think it’s safe to say that Netflix is cultivating a vegan agenda here, but what’s so bad about that? Our vegan hero, James Aspey (look him up), always says that ‘if you’re against animal cruelty, then you believe in veganism’. It’s time to align your actions with your values – watch Netflix, go vegan.

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