Another time, another place, 

This world within you’ll never face.

Here, I’ve made a space between

Both life and death. Though never seen,

It comforts me, awake at night,

When walls I built surround me tight.


My  body caged, a prison of cells.

Serving my sentence, I choose to dwell,

Fixating, now, on what is to come,

Where I will be when free from this slum.


A world within another world,

Within a clam, salvation’s pearl.

Escaping into lands unknown,

Free to see, free to roam.


One day I’ll escape this curse, 

I’ll fly away, for better or worse,

On wings of colour, leaving this place,

Where once I slept in carapace. 

Legs turned to wings in fitful sleep,

A change that, doubtless, some will weep.


I know I will break free


From this rigid, cold cocoon


With the magic of a mind 


That could reach the moon