Mature age student wows lecture with superior understanding of subject


In what could only be described as an enthralling experience, 38-year-old student, Richard Noodle, wowed his peers with outstanding knowledge of subject. In the 20 minutes of interjections, Richard posited well thought out and “not at all anecdotal” arguments against the content presented by the senior lecturer. It was a breathtaking exchange for the students of the class.

Many of those interviewed attested to Noodle’s clear superiority over the lecturer of 12 years.
“It had to be an irrefutable argument to get the lecturer that frustrated. It was sensational, I couldn’t leave my seat even though it cut into my next class,” gushed Steph, a second year student.

Those in proximity to the fount of knowledge were blessed to hear statements cleverly phrased as questions and the clarification of important semantics. The class was delighted whenever the lecture was derailed by another one of Noodle’s brilliant points.

“I think it was a good use of each student’s time”, Richard was overheard claiming when arguing with the lecturer later.

Reports indicate that Richard is already planning his next mind-blowing contribution to the class, in which he’ll talk about his time as an entrepreneur in numerous start-ups.

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