Three coloured wombats with the words 'Join our Team in Semester Two!'

Join Our Team in Semester Two

Join our team in Semester Two!


Woroni is looking for some fresh new minds to help integrate the Print, Radio and Television platforms more than ever! Woroni’s three platforms aim to produce interesting, informative, accurate and relevant content, providing a vehicle for student creativity and expression. We also serve to provide students with training and resources to develop professional journalism, writing and media skills.

At Woroni our motto is the more the merrier, and we are constantly looking for new people to provide unique and diverse contributions to any and every one of our platforms.

Whether you have been itching to find the latest News scoop on campus, keen to write down your mental ramblings with a column, explore your gift of the gab with Radio or try out some wacky TV how-to’s: Woroni has got you covered.

If you are keen to get involved in Woroni in any shape or way, we’ve compiled a list of all available positions below. Please have a read through and see if anything takes your fancy. You can apply for more than one position, so go for it!



Kanika Kirpalani

The Editor-in-Chief is the spokesperson for ANUSM and responsible for overseeing and assisting the other Editors, ensuring the objects of the Association are upheld. The EIC is also responsible for organising events and workshops, managing employees, chairing meetings, dealing with conflicts and complaints, and assisting wherever needed. If you have any questions about any and all things Woroni, shoot an email to Kanika at


Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Nathalie Rosales Cheng

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief is responsible for creating and maintaining minutes, policy, procedure and records, as well as interpreting the Constitution. The Deputy EIC works closely with the Social Media, Instagram and Events Sub-Editors, managing Woroni’s online presence and administrative organisation. Nathalie will also be looking after Photography Sub-Editors, linking Woroni’s presence to events on campus. If you have any questions, you can contact Nathalie at

Social Media Sub-Editor


The Social Media Sub-Editor will predominantly look after the Woroni Facebook page. Close collaboration with the Content, News, Radio and TV Editors is crucial, as content on the website often needs to be shared as soon as it is uploaded. The Social Media Sub-editor will be organised, creative and have ideas for how to make the Woroni Facebook page as engaging, interactive and like-worthy a possible. You can find more information and application details at

Instagram Sub-Editor


The Instagram Sub-Editor is in charge of the Woroni Instagram, and the role involves taking photos as well as uploading them. The Instagram Sub-Editor will have a significant degree of independence, but should regularly post images that reflect on the happening across ANUSM – this could include photos of the newspaper and team, events, radio hosts, TV shoots, et cetera. Fun captions and emoji use are encouraged. You can find more information and application details at

Events Sub-Editor


The Events Sub-Editor works closely with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief to assist in the running of Woroni events such as panels, workshops, Lunch Breaks and launch parties. The role of the Events Sub-Editor is to create online advertising, organise speakers and workshop leaders, book venues and create buzz around Woroni events. You can find more information and application details at

Events Photography Sub-Editor


Photography Sub-editors are responsible capturing student life, attending both formal and casual events, both on and off campus. We will be providing all members of the photography team with professional workshops to develop your skills, so all levels of experience should feel free to apply. This year, photographers have also been involved in providing images to accompany News and Content stories, as well as publishing photo stories in the Woroni paper. A camera and some photography skills are essential. You can find more information and application details at


Managing Editor

Kat Carrington

The Managing Editor is responsible for creating and maintaining the book and financial recording of the Association and managing ANUSM’s business relationships, as well as preparing, managing and regularly reporting on the budget. You can reach Kat at or

Business Development Sub-Editor


The Business Development Sub-Editor works closely with the Managing Editor to secure advertising with local businesses around Canberra, assist members of the Board to create budgets for events, assist members of the Board in attaining quotes, and to investigate and create new revenue streams for ANUSM. You can find more information and application details at

Marketing Sub-Editor


The Marketing Sub-editor works closely with the Managing Editor to undergo market research for ANUSM, identifying strengths and weaknesses, while also assisting the Editor-in-Chief in planning distribution and assisting Woroni Radio and Woroni TV in implementing their marketing plans. You can find more information and application details at


Content Editor

James Atkinson

The Content Editor is responsible for the Woroni print content in the newspaper and online, producing interesting, informative and diverse content that is relevant to the ANU community. In addition to this, the Content Editor manages the Print Team and all that entails. James can answer any questions about the newspaper and how best to contribute, you can contact him at or the entire Print Team at

Content Sub-Editors


Content Sub-Editors are responsible for sourcing and editing contributions to the Woroni newspaper, in print and online. Content Sub-Editors are expected to be aware of the interests of the student body, be willing to source contributions from an array of students, and assist writers with editing articles and attaining valuable writing skills. Each Sub-Editor will be responsible for a section: Comment, International, Features, Multilingual, Creative Writing, Arts, Reviews, Life & Style, Environment, Science, Business & Economics, Sport and Satire & Humour. You can find more information and application details at

Events Columnist


The Events Columnist at ANUSM will be responsible for creating and maintaining a comprehensive and up to date Event Guide on the Woroni website. They will report to the Life and Style Sub-Editor on the Woroni Print Team, and will be expected to liaise with the clubs, societies, associations, publications, residencies, teams and groups on campus, as well as ANU staff members and stakeholders in the broader Canberra community, to ensure the calendar includes everything that could be of interest to ANU students. In addition to this, the Events Columnist will be expected to write a weekly online blog detailing the must-attend events of the upcoming week. This blog will be shared on social media every Sunday evening. You can find more information and application details at

Regular Columnist


Regular Columnists will contribute articles on a fortnightly basis, producing quality and engaging content that our readers can learn to look forward to seeing regularly. Columnists will be assigned a Sub-Editor, depending on the topic of their column, to discuss ideas with and send drafts to throughout the Semester. You can find more information and application details at

Review Facilitator


The Review Facilitators will be managed by the Reviews Sub-Editor on the Print Team. Each Review Facilitator will be allocated a category – e.g. theatre, film, music, art, et cetera. They will be expected to write reviews and assist the Reviews Sub-Editor to build connections relevant to their category. Review Facilitators will get the opportunity to engage with professionals in the Canberra are and, as Reviewers, will have first access to tickets to a range of events including large festivals, shows and other sought-after events. You can find more information and application details at

Print Contributors

You do not need to apply to be a Woroni contributor, all you need is something you want to say and we will help you from there. If you have an idea, then please send the Print Team an email at and the relevant Sub-Editor will reply and work with you until you are both happy with the final piece. If you know you want to write but do not know where to start, then join the ‘Woroni Contributors 2.0’ Facebook group, where the Print Team will be pitching ideas and looking for writers on a regular basis.


News Editor

Jasper Lindell

The News Editor manages the News Team, while also reporting and investigating news relevant and interesting o ANU students. It is the responsibly of the News Editor to ensure ANUSM is engaging students with factual and balanced reporting so that they are well informed and aware of the debate, controversies and happenings around them. You can contact Jasper at

News Correspondents


News Correspondent should be good writers who are bold, persistent and sharp. They are responsible for reporting on and investigating matters that interest ANU students. Correspondents will learn on the job and gain valuable skills in journalism not offered at the ANU. Correspondents will learn how to conduct interviews, investigate, build networks, follow campus news and writer competently with journalistic tone. Correspondents are expected to write three stories every fortnight and attend regular meetings at the Woroni offices, as well as cover events on campus. To apply, please email the News Editor, Jasper, at with an outline of your experience and an A4 page with an example of your work – this could be writing, infographic, photography or anything else that shows your potential in journalism.

News Crossover


News Crossover is Woroni’s newest role. With three platforms, this position serves to deliver News in dynamic ways to the student body. Working across Print, Online, Radio and TV the News Crossover will have a unique opportunity to develop multimedia reporting skills in fast-moving multifaceted stories. The News Crossover must be confident on camera and use all three platforms to cover all angles of a story. To apply, please email the News Editor, Jasper, at outlining your experience, interest and any potential conflicts of interest, and attach an example of your work – in writing, audio or video.


Art Contributors

Visual contributions are just as important as written contributions. If you have any art that you would like to feature online or in the paper, please email


Television Editor

Linda Chen

The TV Editor is primarily responsible for continuing the growth of Woroni TV. The purpose of Woroni TV is to engage with the student body by providing a new and interactive platform to deliver campus news, interviews with interesting students and people in Canberra, as well as fun how-to content. This Semester, Linda will be working to expand TV into the creative sphere by introducing film production workshops and a short film competition. You can contact Linda at or the whole Television Team at

Television Reporter


Television Reporters will work closely with the TV editor to develop video ideas and scripts and also to engage in the initial video edits. Reporters are responsible for pitching ideas, creating video content and assisting with basic editing. Reporter must be confident on camera and ready to learn about interviewing and reporting techniques. You can find more information and application details at

Television Technical (Camera) Operator


Technical Operators will be responsible for working with the TV Reporters to record footage for Woroni TV. The role will include working with the team to create content and engaging in basic-to-intermediate editing of media alongside the TV Editor. There is also scope for the Tech Operator to engage in more creative video stories. You can find more information and application details at


Radio Editor

Oscar Jolly

The Radio Editor is responsible for managing the Woroni Radio Team and community, supervising the content that goes on air, and monitoring and expanding the distribution of that content. Oscar plans to continue the growth of Woroni Radio by uniquely branding each radio show, training presenters with professional broadcasting skills and providing feedback to every Radio Contributor. In you have any questions email Oscar at or

Music and Events Sub-Editor


It is the responsibility of the Music and Events Coordinator to update the 24-hour playlist weekly with up-to-date music. This includes ensuring that it represents Woroni and ANU with its diversity and range. The Music and Events Coordinator is also responsible for organising events relating to Woroni Radio. This includes ensuring that Woroni Radio is represented in a way that promotes its brand and expands audience. The Music and Events Coordinator is also responsible for finding media opportunities for presenters in Canberra. This can include reaching out to touring bands/talent, contacting external events for access and responding to media releases. You can find more information and application details at

Tech and Development Officer


The Technical Officer is responsible for three areas of Woroni Radio: ensuring that presenters understand the broadcast system. This includes: navigating the studio hardware, operating our broadcast software (Mixlr/OBS), and gaining basic troubleshooting knowledge. The Technical Officer must have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of our studio hardware in order to facilitate initial training, as well as responding to enquiries about our broadcast capabilities. Responding to broadcast issues most commonly relates to audio issues or unexpected outages. The Technical Officer provides remote or on-site troubleshooting, depending on the circumstance. Researching new technology in order to innovate on our content pipeline (i.e. going from pre-production stage to delivering shows to audience). You can find more information and application details at


Presenter Liaison


The role of the Presenter Liaison is primarily concerned with developing the weekly schedule and being the first point of contact for presenters. The schedule is the ongoing responsibility of the Presenter Liaison that should be developed in the first week of semester from the applications made to Woroni Radio. It is also the responsibility of the Presenter Liaison to be the first point of contact for presenters, any concern that they have should be dealt with either directly or they should be put in contact with the relevant Sub-Editor. The Presenter Liaison is also charged with the organisation of Radio meetings including the finalising the agenda, taking minutes and distributing them after the event. You can find more information and application details at

Digital and Marketing (Manager)


The Digital and Marketing Manager is responsible for the overall branding and public image of Woroni Radio. It is their primary responsibility to represent Woroni Radio to the wider ANU community in a way that is beneficial to both Woroni as an organisation and the university. The Digital and Marketing Manager is responsible for ensuring that website uploads are made in a timely manner and that each program has graphics that fit the aesthetic of Woroni as a whole. They are also responsible for the Facebook page and Twitter where all posts must be pre-approved and edited before being shared. In addition to this the D&M Manager will work with the Radio Editor to develop merchandise that represent Woroni Radio in an attractive and consistent way. You can find more information and application details at

Executive Producer


The content produced on Woroni Radio is the direct responsibility of the Executive Producer. It is within their role to ensure content is reviewed and that the Producers are providing constructive feedback to shows. You can find more information and application details at

Radio Producers


The Woroni Radio Producers are the drivers of audio content. You will be the figurehead of a night of Radio, in which you will care for, help create, and ultimately love the people and the content that comes out of our studio. They will also work with the Executive Producer to develop their own production skills and elevate the overall quality of Woroni Radio. If you have previously had a show on radio, and love to curate and form great content, this is the position for you. You can find more information and application details at


We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.