How has the ANU performed?


As a Canberra resident of 6 years and counting, I had encounters with the ANU a few times during my high school and college educations. Various events brought me to the campus, and as I completed my secondary education the ANU just sort of sank in as my top choice of university. Of course, like any Canberra resident, I had hoped for a change of scenery, but I personally didn’t have the funding to go elsewhere. I chose ANU mainly because it offered the courses I wanted to study. Not that I am into academic snobbery, but the ANU offered a little more prestige than the other options, and that could only help my future endeavours. Overall, the ANU appears to have been the right choice for me. The Research School of Chemistry, Research School of Physics and Engineering and Research School of Biology faculties have been excellent in assisting me with my education. The administration, however, is often frustrating, and I did slam the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies & Statistics in my SELT review.

Ruping Zhang
What is the reason that I came to ANU to do my Master’s degree? I think it was mainly an arrangement of fate. During my preparation project at my previous German university, I was introduced to an aunt of mine who happened to work in a study intermediary company. In order to increase my university choices, I applied to the ANU Master’s Program with her kind help. As I came to learn about the university more and more, I was deeply impressed by its academic achievement and friendly atmosphere. I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to change my application from the Masters of Material Science and Engineering to the Masters of Project Management – which interested me much more. At last, when I received an offer, I chose the ANU as my first option. Ultimately, I think the ANU appearing in my life, surprisingly, has brought me a new start.

Tilly Wang
The first time I heard about the ANU was from the QS rankings, when I was busy applying for universities. Except for its famous science achievements, the only other thing I really knew about ANU was that it was located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The reason I chose ANU is really simple in that I wanted to try something totally different: a different climate, a different pace, a different language and a different culture. Even though I have friends in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, I knew no-one in Canberra, and it sounded very exciting, starting everything from scratch. I haven’t regretted my decision since then, and it has been almost one year since I began studying at ANU. During the past year, I have thought about what I want in life and what I should do with my time. I gradually realised that studying at ANU is not just a three year experience, but is also an opportunity for me to constantly challenge myself. I hope one day in the future I can become someone the young me would be proud of.

Shreeya Joshi
When I first heard of ANU, I wasn’t very drawn to it, after all, my original plan was to go to UNSW. It was drilled into my mind that UNSW should be my goal right from my early high school days when I lived in Sydney. When I moved to Canberra halfway through high school, however, my goals started to change. I didn’t know what ANU was, but when I looked it up, I realised that this was the place I wanted to go. I was also very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do the ANU Extension Year 11 and 12 Specialist Mathematics program, which allowed me to study Mathematics on Tuesday nights at ANU. It was this program that made me even more confident of my decision to choose the ANU. I am now a first year student and I couldn’t be happier with this university and the community, as well as the education. It has definitely lived up to my expectations.

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