Following in the Footsteps

I question, but don’t engage
Ask, but not intrigue
Speak, but not converse
Back of the line, and usually lost;
Connect, but not with their dots,
High, but not enough,
Observing, but hardly observed
Loving, yet seemingly unloved,
Outspoken, yet stifled by fears,
Crippled, by my body’s own desires,
And alive, but hardly in motion.

As I take the flight,
Wandering into a calm night,
Those memories,
They began to fly with me. .

Where indeed did you go, my Conviction!
My Passion, My Desire, My Character’s Concoction!
Why did you leave me then,
At a time when I needed you most;
Why didn’t you come back for me,
When I had lost sight,
The Fight,
And the Dream?

I need you now,
To find me out,
As I hide under the sheets,
Blinded in heart, body and soul,
Perverse, maligned and incapacitated!

Do not rest, I beg,
Till you can hunt me down,
And take Me from my Own,
Away, from my habits prone,
Rediscover in me, My Truth,
Return to me, My Values,
Push me, through treacherous paths,
For there is much due,
Today, tomorrow,
And a Time Anew!