Could we chump at the tiddle
At the timulous wot of the niddle?
Or soop the glorious bodle?
Too true, we of finted twaddle.

But hurk the minted wurk
That erks near the furrow lurk.
The twee of kree demands.
With shunt ferumulous gurunds.

Swoop the tabular rinng
Of a bolping ven-toopa and thing
Ever depose the col born
Of the gilded ol, dolorn.

But lay the sirring jauk.
That layest in the hauk.
And squim the folage.
That fains and fosts.

Ere- yunder weedles
Mid bleering keedles.
Fost truth on ousalls
Tiree blosh n’ woosals.

Wah, Pah, oolon bah.
Airish mah, oolon hah.
Hashin blear, ol bar.
Eah, Sah tarry nar.

Eist willin washuls
Datch yondil dosuls.
Falamar on derah.
Pah, wah, oolon bah.

In dil fash tol.
Bas ik, hoolon dol.
Inik horos mah.
Gurom, holon ta.