Dress to be your Best: How Adapting to “Vogue” Can Transform Your Life

Being a shy person while growing up, it was not always easy, especially when it came to fashion. I was always hesitant to try new looks, bold colours. Oh, the fear of being judged!

Little did I know that I was my own worst critic, but I knew that if I wanted to break out of my shell, I had to make some major changes in my wardrobe and all of a sudden, the process of a chrysalis was so relatable (don’t mind my melodrama!)

The following are my tips for how a change in style can transform your life:

1. Confidence

Look at dressing up as a fun task rather than a chore and concentrate on dressing well for yourself. If you impress yourself, you will brim with confidence and people will be impressed by the aura you emit. Dressing well can earn you compliments which can turn into a continuous cycle, hiking your confidence-metre.

2. People take you seriously

No matter how much I would love to believe that, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, the truth is that in a fast moving generation where fashion is only moving forward, people will always judge you based on what you show. People are far more likely to pay attention to what your opinion is if you dress well. There is hardly any chance that wearing unpolished shoes or un-ironed clothes in a meeting can get you a contract or a bonus.

3. Build trust

When I was new to Canberra and didn’t know which station to catch a bus from, the man standing next to me advised me accordingly. I thanked him and started walking towards the platform. That’s when I questioned why I would believe that guy. The reason I believed the man was because he was dressed sharply rather than had the man been dressed in sweats and a hoodie. I did not mean to judge but at that point I realised how important grooming really is.

4. Love life

Now, isn’t this what everyone wants? Finding someone to go with to a coffee date on a cloudy afternoon? It’s surprising how much of your love life depends solely on dressing up. Most people would agree that dressing well comes at the top their love priority list yet most of us who have a policy of dating people who dress well, sometimes forget we should too. If you want Miranda Kerr to be your girlfriend, you better be ready to dress like Orlando Bloom.

5. Respect

When you dress well, it not only shows that you respect yourself enough to look your best but you respect people you are bound to meet. Let’s face it, you will come off as more respectable when you are wearing formals to a meeting compared to pyjamas.

So, dress in the way that you want to be perceived and hopefully it will take you places.

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