Did You Know I went on a Contiki?

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I recently went on a Contiki in Europe. It literally changed me. And, I know when people say that it’s, like, so stupid. But, like, it DID change me. I’m no longer a wealthy white girl from the North Shore. I’m a wealthy white girl from the North Shore who went on a CONTIKI.

My understanding of the world has expanded completely. Did you know that there are third world countries in Europe? TBH, I thought they were a myth because my North Shore high school kind of just skipped over poverty in History and Geography.

Honestly, Europe is so diverse. When I went on the Contiki I met a guy named Jacques. It’s pronounced “Jaq” with a rolled tongue, it’s French and you’ve probably never heard of it, unless you went on a Contiki too.

When I was on the Contiki I went to Germany. It is like, so diverse. Like, I thought Sydney was diverse because one time my Mum and I accidentally ended up in Bankstown and we saw an African person. But, when Angela Merkel said she was going to let in one million refugees I didn’t know that she was being serious. And they actually went to mainland Germany, because Germany doesn’t have islands like  Australia does, where you can just send the non-white refugees. I also went to Greece, which was hella crazy. It was not like the way my Greek friends, who have never been to Greece and dropped out of Greek school, describe their country.

Budgeting was also super hard. Halfway through my trip I was almost broke, with only $5000 to get me through another three and a half weeks. One time, when I dropped below the $4000-mark, I had to wait a whole four hours until my parents transferred more money to my account. It was honestly really scary, and now I get why Centrelink is a thing and should be available for all people (regardless of whether or not their parents are millionaires). Not being able to afford to buy Smirnoff 700ML was a serious bummer. My mother and father were so generous because they wanted me to have the “time of my life,” but I am paying it off by working in a casual position at my Dad’s firm. Honestly, all I do is go on Facebook on his work computer. Sometimes I have to do it for four hours and then it’s tough.

IDK, I guess the Contiki just made me a better person, and no one else will ever understand me or be on my emotional, spiritual or metaphysical level. On another note, please follow my new blog “I’m_different.tumblr.com” to see some cool, never before seen pics of the Eiffel Tower and my friends and I drinking solely Pimms at trendy roof-top bars.

Xoxo Contiki girl


P.S I went on Contiki.


P.P.S It was amazing and I really found myself.

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