Dem Winter Feels

As the winter months roll in we tend to fall into tides of despair and hopelessness, which are no doubt furthered by the dark clouds and dewy mornings. However, why must we be constrained by such negativity? Instead we should take this opportunity to look within ourselves and see the warmth of the light that we are all animated with.

The old adage teaches us that “to give is to receive” and it is precisely the practice of this which will serve as the logs that fuel our fires. It’s funny to think that each of us feels this way, and does not acknowledge that the person sitting next to us may be feeling much the same. Would it not be easier to fight these feelings if each person recognised that their neighbour lacked the same companionship that they themselves were missing?

A catch up over coffee here and a movie and wine there; that is all it takes to remember that there is someone out there feeling the same way that you are. It is all about the mutuality – the fact that both of you are in the same position. Neither of you is worse off than the other. So here is the key: do something for them and you will find that the fire within you strengthens. Do something for them and you will feel the warmth of compassion reflected back at you.

Make that phone call, or tee up that lunch date, because you’re not only finding yourself a companion but also providing that same comfort of companionship to someone else. It is in knowing that you are needed by another person that reminds us that we have a reason to love and be loved.

However, a warning. Going into such a friendship with expectations of reciprocation could prove to be a volatile activity. Going into it expecting specific rewards means that you are setting yourself up for disappointment, should they not be granted. Keep at the forefront of your mind, therefore, that the giving far outweighs the receiving, because by giving you are indirectly receiving.

So don the scarf and the beanie and get out there, because it’s not worth living a self-centred life, when we stand to gain so much by being in the company of and in the service of others. Besides, doing so might just find you someone who will let you forget #demwinterfeels.

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