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  • Senior Sub-Editor (2 positions)


  • Culture and Lifestyle
  • Creative 
  • Science and Research
  • Features 


  • Columnist (2 positions)
  • Review (2 positions)
  • Satire Sub-Editor/Writer (multiple)



Woroni is also looking for two Senior Content Sub-editors to join the Semester Two team overseeing print and online content. Previous experience with Woroni or another student publication is highly desirable but not compulsory.

Senior Sub-Editors will:

  • Oversee and edit the portfolio of Sub-Editors writing and sourcing online and print content.
  • Online pieces are published weekly, so an attentive attitude and flexibility with timeframes is essential
  • The workload for print will vary depending on the magazine’s print cycle, with some weeks dedicated to sourcing content, and others dedicated to solely editing.
  • Oversee weekly pitches and direction for the online sub-editors.
  • Edit and write their own pieces
  • Work with the Content Editor and Sub-Editors to quickly edit and publish timely content pieces from the broader ANU community (preparedness to edit at a moments notice is a must!)
  • Assist with editing pieces that come through the inbox

They will need to be available for compulsory weekly content team meetings, and to attend a Sub-Editor training session prior to the commencement of Semester One. Senior Sub-Editors will be expected to spend about 10 hours per week editing articles, meeting/corresponding with the Content Editor and sourcing limited articles as-needed.

Each Senior Sub-Editor must generally edit between 10 and 20 articles per print cycle, to be published in print and online. They will not be required to source regular content for the magazine, but may be called upon to help source additional content for various sections if needed, and should be comfortable doing so.

You will need to have a clear understanding of spelling, grammar and structure in writing. Previous experience in publishing, editing or writing is an advantage, but by no means necessary. Good communication skills are also essential as fluid communication with contributors and other members of the Content team are a must. Senior Sub-Editors can expect to receive an honoraria based on their commitment to the role at the end of the semester.



The role of a Content Sub-Editor will be:

  • To source, and structural edit content for the magazine and online, as well as respond to relevant articles sent to
  • Oversee and curate a specific portfolio
  • Act as an essential liaison between potential contributors and the Content Editor
  • Be a facilitator, empowering students to find their voice and express it, and guiding contributors to publish work they are proud of
  • Attend meetings, Woroni events and social activities

Please be aware that this is primarily a sourcing role, not a creation role. It is expected that you will reach out to members within the ANU community to encourage them to send in work to the magazine.

Sub-Editors must be able to adhere to strict deadlines and work as part of a large team, including other Sub-Editors, Senior Sub-Editors, Columnists and the Content Editor. They will be expected to attend fortnightly meetings and a short training session at the beginning of the semester, as well as any other Woroni events and workshops.

As a Sub-Editor you will source and edit to a high standard between five and eight articles per print cycle which will be published in print and/or online. Sub-Editors need to have a clear understanding of spelling, grammar and structure in writing. Sub-Editors are additionally required to write at least one article per semester. Previous experience in publishing, editing or writing is an advantage, but by no means necessary.

Sub-Editors can expect to receive an honorarium based on their commitment to the role at the end of Semester.

All portfolios are open and seeking submissions. Applicants will be asked which sections they would be interested in Sub-Editing and why, but should note that they are not guaranteed one of these portfolios.


Culture and Lifestyle

The Culture and Lifestyle Sub-Editor will be responsible for sourcing pieces that inject life into the everyday, around campus, Canberra, Australia and abroad. They will write, source and critically dissect specific culturural and artistic events, past, present and future culture zeitgeists in Canberra, Australia and abroad. Part of this portfolio covers Campus culture– articles relating to the campus experience: sex, love, friendship, health, jobs, trends, sport, clubs, societies and exciting student innovation occurring at ANU. They should have their finger on the pulse of university living and look to deliver fresh and creative content about real issues.



The Creative Sub-Editor will be responsible for sourcing a variety of creative pieces including short fiction, poetry, prose, photo essays, and other non-traditional mediums. The Creative Sub-Editor should have a love of literature and poetry, competency for editing a broad range of creative works and a keen interest in helping contributors to polish their content, which is often personal and deeply passionate. A key focus for the portfolio will be engaging and collaborating with multimedia creators, and encouraging the use of experimental modes and styles, such as: comics, how to guides and collages


Science and Research

The Science and Research Sub-Editor will be responsible for sourcing work that is related to topics such as science, technology, innovation, academia and the environment. There is a wide scope here to grow the portfolio into a science communication-adjacent form, with a focus on up-and-coming research within science (as well as tech, data, ethics, and the related social and policy implications). The Sub-Editor is expected to commission interested members of the wider ANU student body and researchers to submit pieces. The ideal candidate will be an effective communicator, able to distil complex information and ideas into accessible and easily understood forms. They will be highly knowledgeable about the different fields and debates within science and related spheres. 



The Features Sub-Editor will be tasked with sourcing articles that question, explore, and offer interesting insights into contemporary happenings. Articles will need to reflect the diverse opinions and ideas of ANU students, with a focus on engaging international and multilingual students. A discerning eye is required to distinguish between the offensive and the insightful. Articles should be engaging and relevant to the student body and current affairs.

Think features published in Vox, the Atlantic, or Overland and Voiceworks. There is scope to expand the portfolio to provide a platform for students to communicate their research and case-study findings, whether from honours, postgraduate, or individual research-based classes. There is no shortage of this work happening around the ANU, so this role will require the Sub-Editor to tap in and encourage students to share.



Columnist (x2)  

The Online Columnists will be required to produce interesting, relevant content for the website, of approximately 500-800 words at least four times per semester. This position is ideal for regular contributors of Woroni. While Columnists are not limited by any one topic, applicants will need to be aware of campus happenings and student discussions, and have strong opinions that they’re not afraid to share. Quick-thinking and creativity is needed for the sections that cover a lot of ground. 



The Reviews Sub-Editor will attend events and write reviews on plays, exhibitions, performances, talks, gigs, shows, restaurants, film screenings, festivals and any event or experience around ANU and Canberra. This includes seasonal themed pieces and recommendations for new Canberra residents. The Reviews Sub-Editor will also source relevant reviews from students and organise free tickets and media passes. They should help maintain strong relationships with Woroni’s contacts in the Canberra’s culture scene.



When employed well, satire and humour can be used to grapple with reality, punch up at higher powers and engage readers with challenging ideas. The Satire Sub-Editor should write at least 4 articles per semester that brings a satirical edge to current issues and events – light-hearted content that is comical and relevant to the student body. Applicants will need to have an eye for the ironic, a keen sense of wit and the ability to write several pieces for both online and print publication often with strict time frames, and occasionally source externally. An ideal candidate will be able to work smoothly with contributors to polish submissions and be comfortable with varying forms of satire. 

Applications will close 5pm Friday 25th November 2022. 

Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis between 20-29 November 2022. The role will commence immediately with mandatory training on Friday the 2nd of December.

Please send any questions to Indy at

Woroni is committed to diversity in hiring. It is important that our team reflects the diversity of the ANU community so that we can better tell stories about everyone at the ANU. As such, Woroni welcomes applications from students that are from a range of diverse backgrounds and identities. If you identify with a diverse background or disability, feel free to let us know in your application.

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.