Artwork: Emily O'Neill
Edits by Rachel Chopping

The hills are alive,

not with the sound of music,

but with the sound of silence





As I walk, I breathe in deep,

clear country air

massaging my soul,

telling my heart,

   ‘You are safe here.’

Though all my life I haven’t felt safe.


There’s too much conflict




to live at ease,

look at the trees

without worrying

they’ll fall down.

There are two worlds:

one of darkness,

one of light.


Here, my life is

light as the Sun,

keeping me warm,

making me glow.


I wonder if here

children grow taller

and stronger.

The longer I stay,

the more I keep asking.


I know there’s something in this water

what made me better

without medicine.

And I can say without a doubt,

                              ‘This is what Heaven looks like.’





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