ANUSA 2016 Policies

These policies were provided and written by each ticket.


Let’s wants to talk about the long-term viability of our Students’ Association. To talk about how we can create long-lasting, meaningful improvements to the student experience and ensure our core services are sustainable and secure.

This focus on future-proofing our Students’ Association is reflected in our key priorities for 2016:

1. Focusing on long-term issues: ANUSA structure and funding;

2. Engaging non-residential students: development of a Family and Friends Orientation program;

3. Improving student wellbeing: greater academic outreach and the introduction of a Wellbeing Educator;

4. Securing safety on campus for all students;

5. Strengthening our social portfolio with an efficient, consistently reliable GAC and opportunities for greater networking between clubs and societies to foster a community of collaboration and skill-sharing;

6. Ensuring that future of teaching and learning at the ANU (i.e. changes to the academic calendar length, discussions about phasing out live lectures, the growing trend towards online learning etc) remains the centrepiece of ANUSA’s operations in 2016 – with an emphasis on consultation to ensuring the best outcomes for current and future students.

Let’s will work towards structural change, financial sustainability, and improved communication to ensure ANUSA is relevant and effective now and into the future.

Ready for ANUSA

1. ANUSA Discount Card
Your money is valuable, Ready wants you to get an many discounts as possible. Discounts relevant to your life from textbooks to haircuts to fresh groceries.

2. Union Court Redevelopment
It’s important that student’s needs are put first in the future of our campus space. Ready wants student input to be takes seriously and a Safety Line to be a top priority for the future of our UC.

3. Department Support
Ready knows the valuable work of Departments: we want a working funding model within the first 100 days; extra training for roles; and a review of Officer pay.

4. Academic Policy
Ready has 21 pages of Ed policy, including Ed Officer & CRC reform, bringing back the ANUSA Education review, and re-launching the campus fight against deregulation.

5. Electoral Reform
Ready wants to review ANUSA’s elections, it’s time they’re fair, open and simple ‒ so everyone can be involved.

Open, your invite to ANUSA.

Lobbying and Advocacy: ANUSA must be a responsive, assertive student organisation that holds the Chancellery accountable.
·OPEN wants a University-wide Student Consultation Policy, which outlines a thorough and transparent process to be followed when the University proposes changes that affect students.
·Open wants to implement clear, enforceable guidelines for reporting and responding to instances of violence on campus.
·Open will ensure that ANUSA supports Residential Colleges to have a presence during University policy-making, to ensure student accommodation is affordable and equitable.

Engagement and Accessibility: Student representation is not about the people elected, but what they can do to improve life on campus.
·Open will increase engagement between ANUSA and student groups and Residential Colleges. We’ll collaborate when planning OWeek and ensure ANUSA representatives attend Interhall Committee meetings.
·Open will implement alternative options to engage with ANUSA’s decision-making, like Facebook polling and student referendums.

Diversity and Inclusion: Open understands and respects the needs of students from different backgrounds.
·Open will provide information and increase publicity about workplace rights and mental health in languages other than English.
·Open will work with the Disability Department to create a new disability action plan that effectively supports students.
·Open supports the implementation of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

Reclaim ANUSA

Here we outline our most important policies to improve ANUSA and student life on campus. These serve as a foundation for our campaign to RECLAIM ANUSA.

Our Top Five Policies:

1. Discount cards: We will provide the ANUSA executive with an exclusive “Gold” discount card which would provide half-price brodburger, free accommodation on campus, and $5000 in travel benefits.

2. Achievable goals: We want to RECLAIM pragmatism in election promises and as such our flagship policies include legalisation of marijuana and same-sex marriage across the ANU.

3. Men’s Department: We wish to establish a Men’s Department as well as a dedicated “safe space” on campus for men only, because nothing says inclusivity like exclusivity.

4. Student Finances: To assist with student finances and welfare we plan to install dozens of pokie machines in the Chifley basement for students to win big and pay off their HECS debts as soon as possible*.

5. Woroni: We intend to RECLAIM our student media from left wing hippies by selling the newspaper to NewsCorp.
We also plan to limit funding to frivolous clubs and societies and place the RECLAIMed funds in our “secret” President’s bank account as well as hopefully fund Ben Gill’s next ANUSA campaign. We also have an environmental policy.

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.