Photograph of small figures by Maddy Watson

And This Window Opens

Photography by Maddy Watson

I’ve been staring out this window my entire life 

I see the same people and hear the same sounds 

Blending into one beautiful terrifying shape 

Breathing and sweating and crying 

Waltzing in time with each beat of the day 

The mechanical stream of what is and what isn’t

The blood and the veins of a living picture show 

Peering into me as I try to contain it 


This window never cracks 

Although it may dirty 

For months at a time without a polish 

Where the figurines have no faces 

And the hymns they sing are anguished 

Where the sun runs away 

And the sky is unfinished 

The motions go on 

Against better judgement 


As I swim into my twentieth year

The window opens

More than ever before 

And the beings and trees are angrier  

Yet so loving and warm and tender 

This window endures 

To scold and to liberate 

Embracing all grace and imperfection 

Beyond the fragile prison of my mind



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