Explainer: ANUSA & PARSA Recommendations on the AHRC Survey

CW: Sexual assault, sexual harassment, AHRC survey.

Explaining the 15 recommendations made by ANUSA and PARSA in response to the results of the Australian Human Rights Commission/Universities Australia Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Survey.


If you require some support relating to these matters, please get in touch with the following support resources:

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, Crisis Line
(02) 6247 2525
This is an over the phone counselling service. It is open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. You can also use this number for counselling related enquiries or to book face-to-face appointments with the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre. Any information regarding your status as an ANU student will not be shared and the ANU will not be informed. All services are free of charge.

ANU Counselling
(02) 6125 2442
This is the phone number to book an appointment with ANU Counselling. You can book a standard appointment (50 mins) anytime. To book an on-the-day appointment for urgent help (25 mins) call at 9am or go into the Counselling Centre just before 9 as these appointments are first-in-best-dressed. You can receive six free sessions per semester.

1800 737 732
This is an over the phone counselling service and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also refer you to local services. It is free of charge. 1800 RESPECT has a triage system, so the first person you speak to is not a counsellor. We recommend that you request to be put through to a counsellor straight away.

ANUSA and PARSA Student Assistance & Legal Officers
ANUSA (6125 4093) & PARSA (6125 2603)
These services are free and provide confidential assistance on financial, academic or advocacy support issues. Lawyers can offer legal advice.

ANU Women’s Department
Contact the Women’s Officer, Holly Zhang:
For non-urgent inquiries: sa.womens@anu.edu.au
For urgent matters: 0467 092 808
The Women’s Department is part of ANUSA, and it advocates for and supports all ANU women and non-binary students. As Women’s Officer, Holly can provide referrals to local support services and give information about options for reporting within ANU and the support that the ANU can offer.