The results of the election were released on Saturday, and confirmed Abby Flynn , Zoe Ranganathan, and Nathalie Rosales-Cheng we’re elected for two years, and Jane Boyer for one year. Three of the four candidates were from the Labor-Left aligned REVIVE ticket.

Candidates elected for two years: Abby Flynn , Zoe Ranganathan, and Nathalie Rosales-Cheng

Zoe Ranganathan is a second year Political Science and Arts student, from the REVIVE ticket. 

Speaking to her motivation to run, she said: “Unfortunately, most students aren’t aware of what the Union does or even that it exists, and this to me, shows an issue with a lack of transparency and accountability in the Union Board’s internal operations.” 

I’m passionate about making sure that all students are able to know about and benefit from their Union.”

Nathalie is a fourth year Security Studies and Arts student on the RELAUNCH ticket. When campaigning she spoke to the need for low-cost services for students and the changes to the Union caused by Kambri. 

It’s a really critical point of rebranding. We’ve got two generations of students that don’t know who we are, and we need to say, we are here because Kambri isn’t good enough. It’s a very manufactured experience that is not catered to students.”

Abby Flynn is a second year student studying PPE who also spoke to the need for affordability on campus.

I’m really passionate about affordability on campus and think that the price of food and drinks is one of the biggest issues at ANU currently.” 

Candidate elected for one year: Jane Boyer

The one year position is reserved for postgraduate students. This position was filled by Jane Boyer, a final year JD student.

She said “I’m particularly proud of REVIVE’s Fairness agenda which I will advocate for if I have the privilege of being elected.” The agenda referred to promises to advocate for cheap eateries and equity grants for places like ANU Sport.