Woroni TV Presents "Day in the Life"

Woroni TV is excited to present “Day in the Life”, a series of videos which will chronicle a day in the life of several different ANU students. The series aims to showcase the diversity of student experience at ANU and provide a behind the scenes view into unique features of campus life.

Students from any degree and year level may apply. Students chosen to participate in the series will be given a brief training session on the basics of filming and supplied with a camera from Woroni with which to film their day. Students will film their day themselves and then Woroni TV will edit the footage together into the final video.

Please note that while this opportunity may be taken by a representative of a student society or college (and a look into their daily life would be really interesting – please still apply!), it is not solely to be used as an opportunity for advertising their functions. For example, Woroni TV would love to see how you plan a society ball – not 10 reasons on why we should buy our tickets now.

Applications close Friday 10 May at 5pm.

Please send any questions to Julia, TV Editor, at julia@woroni.com.au.