You Are Here: (An Attempt To Perform) Kill Climate Deniers

As I walked out of (An Attempt to Perform) Kill Climate Deniers, I pondered how on earth I would describe the amalgamation of dance music and story which I had just experienced. My first attempt came out faulty: ‘It was like… a story mixed with music, a dramatic telling of the play, and it ended with everyone dancing to Unbelievable’. Needless to say, my audience was left more bewildered than if I hadn’t spoken in the first place.

So here is my second attempt. (An Attempt to Perform) Kill Climate Deniers was a behind-the-scenes performance of the play Kill Climate Deniers (written by David Finnigan) and the identically-titled album by Reuben Ingall. The piece was a mash-up of background information to the creation and inspiration of the play, mixed with a dramatic retelling of the script, and a liberal amount of dance music. The purpose of the performance was to launch the e-book of the script, and the first single of the album, however it also examined the initial motivation behind the creation of the play, and the later controversies which surrounded its production.

Finnigan cleverly blended the mediums of his performance to provide an interesting taste of the play to come. Whilst the single-man performance could have very easily maintained the same tone throughout, the switches between music, play, video, speech, and at one point a projector, kept the pace going and gave the audience a broad understanding of what the production was seeking to achieve. The scientific background given by Finnigan blended with the script, and gave insight into the motivation behind the themes of the play. Overall, the effect was entertaining, dramatic and thought-provoking, and left me with a desire to see the completed product.

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