Woroni Champion of the Week: Cho-Gath (Because Size Does Matter)


Cho-Gath has the ability to really excel in the jungle and stands out as a champion who provides strong utility without requiring snowballing. If you want to run the cutting-edge meta breaking MLG-counterjungle-level2gank-360noscope strat, put this guide down and go play Shaco, but if you wanna have leisurely jungle clear and then maybe go gank a bit if you’re feelin it, Cho is your champ. Compared to the hyper mobility jungles of modern times, Cho-Gath is unwieldy with his low mobility, clunky abilities and tendency to be kited. It’s easy to be thrown off by the fact that there’s no wall dash or disjoint to get you out of trouble. The joy of Cho-Gath doesn’t come from sick dash mechanics, but from landing that perfect knockup and stomping up to feast their 400 hp lux support. Cho isn’t flashy, but for the summoner looking for a laid back game, he is the perfect choice. Just attack move into the wolves and feel free to tab into the latest stalkerspace beef before returning back to your cleared camp. For the refined league player, Cho-Gath is breath of fresh air, providing the simple pleasures, like playing as a lumbering dinosaur. A game with Cho-Gath offers a genuine sense of fulfilment. Seeing those red spikes circling, hitting “r” and sending their flat ap Malzahar to respawn screen is truly an experience that grows you as an individual.


As an alien-dinosaur-void creature, Cho-Gath is quite the social butterfly Terror of the Void, often found leaving denizens speechless with his fetching conversational skills or meeting the enemy ADC in the dragon pit for lunch. However, the King of the Monsters’ charming demeanour was insufficient to keep up with new hip kids on the rift, and the monster’s standing suffered. With the coming of the mobility-zoic era, the number of Cho-Gaths on the rift declined sharply, as the colossal lizards that once roamed the river gave way to little fish with long poles and stupid disjoint mechanics, whose population has flourished. But not all is woe. Cho-Gath has thrived since Riot’s recent gentrification of the jungle, as the new wealthier residents (Gromp) provide a hearty food source for the prehistoric carnivore, with some scholars even heralding the dawn of a Jurassic-renaissance. Whatever the next chapter of Cho-Gath’s epic holds, it will surely *rupture* expectations and truly provide a *feast* for thought.

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