A shopping trolley.

Which Abandoned ANU Shopping Trolley Are You?

Have you ever felt like part of you is missing? A giant gaping hole inside, just yearning to be filled? Well, your time has arrived. Forget about ‘gap yahs’, road trips and hipster coffee shops, taking this quiz will help you truly find yourself.

When faced with a challenge, you …

a) Race at it, determined to complete it to the best of your ability, yet slowly lose motivation as time passes.

b) Decide to think outside the box and solve it differently to the ‘norm’.

c) Are in a constant state of confusion.

d) Don’t believe in challenges, prefer to live in the moment.

If you had to choose a spirit animal, that would be …

a) A sloth.

b) A duck.

c) Doge meme.

d) Jumping baby goat.

It’s week 12 …

a) Time to copy that note structure you prepared in week one.

b) Take an unnecessary amount of time to immerse yourself in nature, so you can be more ‘productive’ when you get back to study.

c) Desperately try to find textbooks you haven’t seen in a while.

d) Thursday night pub crawl anyone?

Current living conditions?

a) A Lodge resi with a goal to progress beyond pasta every night.

b) Obsessed with college pride, creating new traditions, communal cooking recipes and running 100km in the middle of the bush.

c) In limbo – still struggling to find a share house due to Canberra’s over-priced rent.

d) Relying on your college bar for cheap alcohol that appears classier than Little Fat Lamb.

How do you feel when asked: ‘What do you want to do after uni?’

a) Fine: You have a perfect plan that impresses real adults, yet you seriously doubt you’ll succeed in that career.

b) Frustrated: Why must we always follow a societal expectation and instead just live in the moment and let life whisk us along.

c) ‘Stop putting all this pressure on me mum!’

d) Make something up.

What’s your coffee order?

a) Whatever gives you the best hit – you’re desperate to replicate that week three energy.

b) A large, 2¾ shot latte, with minimal froth goats milk and a leaf-shaped caramel syrup design on top.

c) Whatever the person you’re with is having.

d) A mocha – need some extra sugar to help relieve that hangover.

Favourite place on campus?

a) The library: Make sure everyone knows you study and that you love to do so.

b) Sullies: Whilst it contains some rather feral specimens, there’s an aspect of beauty and curiosity to it.

c) Union Court: Easiest place to get to, with the most likely chance you’ll bump into someone you know, who can help you out with your current crisis.

d) Fellows Oval: Makes the trip to and from Thursday night antics much easier.

What’s your area of study?

a) Something you thought would be impressively difficult and challenging, such as law, science or engineering.

b) The most indie possible combination (think: art curatorship and computer science).

c) Not too sure anymore, as you’ve changed so often.

d) Something with the most minimal contact hours and study necessary.

Favourite ANU Facebook page:

a) ANUSA: You must be featured at least monthly, so everyone thinks you’re super involved.

b) ANU Stalkerspace: Shit stirring is your forté.

c) New@ANU: Questions you have now are often found in January posts before uni began.

d) ANU Crushes: You’re tagged on a weekly basis.

‘Why would you move to Canberra?’

a) Directly quoting from ANU’s website: ‘ANU is a world leading university that is ranked first in Australia …’

b) Very few of your friends from back home came here, and you always sound the most niche when comparing university choices with others.

c) You thought it would be a good idea to experience a new city while also holding onto the hope it would improve your sense of direction and belonging.

d) Cheaper alcohol than most other cities.



Abandoned outside of Residential buildings – mostly As

At the beginning of semester, you had a burst of productivity. Socially, academically and physically. You were playing ultimate frisbee, writing notes straight after lectures, all whilst nailing those moves at Mooseheads. Like this shopping trolley, at the beginning, all groceries were efficiently carried, each food type appropriately placed in different corners. Somehow though, that perfectly efficient trolley always ends up lazily left outside of where you live. The inability for you to commit to the trip back to Civic reflects your inability to sustain your commitment to university life all the way through semester. The perfect ‘fresh new start’ is often abandoned by week five.

Sullies Creek – mostly Bs

An oddball, you tend to be the rogue one in your friendship group. You have a passion for being ‘cool’ with your strange ways. You devise the most cooked methods of having fun and tend to love the wilderness, often being known as the greenie of the group. Individualism is of absolute necessity when it comes to anything you do. Conforming to the norm is a weakness and boring, which is why you hang out in the strangest of places.

Lost outside of lecture halls – mostly Cs

It’s week nine, yet you still can’t work out the death trap of Coombs, or whether your lecture was at 2pm or 3pm. You’re renowned for looking lost around Union Court, often using that as a base to help compensate for your shocking navigation skills. You’re desperately clutching onto your phone with the Lost On Campus app open, pretending you’re simply texting someone instead of using a map this late in semester. Yet, despite all your efforts, whether it being asking fellow residents for directions or listening to Google Maps in your headphones, you still manage to appear lost.

Bar night transportation – mostly Ds

You’re a giver. Piggy backs, Macca’s runs and late nights; you’re the club rat with the gift that keeps on giving. You’re unlike any other partier, because you ALWAYS come up with genius ideas that lead to a wild night. Whether it be carrying someone all the way to Mooseheads or rolling down Daley Road with a friend at 2am, you’re the person that people rely on for a good time. Consistent and committed, you never let them down, you’re always going to be out on a Thursday and know how to make the night a memorable one.

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