The Confirmation: A Review


The Confirmation is simultaneously a heart-wrenching and heart-warming movie, in which Anthony and his father Walt spend a weekend together. The movie adeptly explores themes of morality (demonstrated largely by religious experience), circumstance (exemplified by alcoholism and divorce) and family. Anthony’s mother is Catholic and wishes him to adopt the faith. We see Anthony’s confusion surrounding religion: especially the concept of sin. Throughout the movie, Anthony and his father challenge typically religious definitions of morality, and we see the difficulty of applying steadfast morals to particular circumstances. Anthony’s father is an alcoholic, but when we see the trials of his withdrawal and how his behaviour actually worsens, we see how changing a lifestyle can be problematic and dangerous (particularly for his son). Violence, stealing and alcoholism are all, removed from context, severely judged. Nonetheless, the movie challenges what it means to be good, and whether there is moral truth to be had. Anthony and his father love each other dearly and do their utmost to care for one another at great risk, but as we see in one tumultuous weekend not everything is clear-cut. This emotional movie is subtle and powerful and presents challenges to our way of thinking. Many movies in cinema explore family through slapstick humour and well-worn clichés, but this movie beautifully demonstrated the complexity of family situations. I would highly recommend seeing The Confirmation!


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