Staying Warm In Canberra This Winter

With Canberra experiencing one if its coldest winters on record, students are torn between cranking up the heater and the reality that is having to pay for said heating. But there’s no need to stress; at ANU we are #thoughtleaders taking innovation in our stride. Here are some novel ways ways to beat the big freeze without compromising your utilities bill!

Burn your notes from first year
We all know you already regret using up most of your electives while trying to “find yourself” in first year. Seriously, what are you holding on to the extra notes for – do you think you’ll ever actually read through your microeconomics assignments, or admire those cringe-worthy life drawings from when you thought you’d fully embrace the starving artist lifestyle? You don’t have to be starving when you can save money on heating by chucking all those notes onto a big ol’ bonfire to keep you cozy.

Reach out to your crush
Nothing is spicier than things heating up between you and your significant other! If you’re afraid of an icy rejection when asking them out in person, why not utilise the services of the ever-popular ANU Crushes 2.0? The sparks that fly from your newfound chemistry will be sure to warm your spirit.

Access student-friendly spaces
Venture into the BKSS on any weekday between midday and 2pm and you’ll be sure to warm up from the static energy created among you and the throng of other students waiting in line for the microwave. Just be careful of what you bring for your lunch: microwaving last night’s curry will either spice things up in the room, or create a cold exclusion zone around you.

Stage a dance party in Mooseheads
If you’re lightning on your feet and always boogieing on the D-floor at Moose on a Thursday, then why not tap into that canned heat in your heels to reduce your share-house’s heating bill? Your housemates will thank you – but maybe not so much when you stumble home in the wee hours of the morning…

Start a controversial thread in Schmidtposting
One sure-fire way to stay toasty is by bringing up a controversial topic on Schmidtposting. Try parking on campus, debating about trigger warnings, or literally anything related to politics. With all the roasting that is sure to ensue, you will no longer have to resort to hunkering down in a cozy spot in Chifley to stay warm.

Become a comedian
Your penchant for telling jokes with your quick-fire wit could finally reap some benefits. Provided you have a sufficient audience and your jokes are actually funny, the hot air released from people’s mouths as they laugh should be just as heartening as a warm blanket.

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