Review: The Red Turtle


The Red Turtle is a French-Belgian-Japanese film – WOW what a mix –  which premiered in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival (if you do not know what that means please go educate yourself).

The film has no dialogue and is about a man who ends up on an island alone with only turtles and crabs for company. AND of course, a giant red turtle – shocking I know.


The whole giant red spirit nature turtle concept is very typical of a Studio Ghibli production – I wasn’t wowed by it, because who didn’t see that coming? While the story was very predictable, this film obviously has a lot more to give as it is breathtakingly beautiful and the animation style is rather unique.


If you’re feeling artsy, or you’re just a bit of a wanker who likes to tell people that the mainstream American trash they watch is corrupting their minds, you should definitely make sure you take the time to get to Dendy and watch this fresh to death film.