Review: OMGYes

OMGYes is the sex toy you never knew you needed. For anyone who wants to fuck a vagina, whether it’s your own or someone else’s – you will be thanking me as you or your partner screams ‘OMG YES!’ loud enough to wake the neighbours.

The easy navigation of the swanky website foreshadows the ease with which you will be able to navigate the vulva after getting through season one. The short snippets of information in the form of text, videos, diagrams and interactive videos never feel overbearing or like they’re dragging on.

Flick through the 12 episodes that range from information about communication during sex, to actually creating physical pleasure on and around the clit and labia, and the stages of an orgasm. If you really get down to it, you can make it through the whole season in one weekend. Maybe post exams for some much needed stress release?

I think that to fully appreciate OMGYes you need to approach the information and experience with an open mind and determination. If you really want to learn how to take your orgasms from zero to 100 you need to have patience and be willing to work at it until you figure out if it’s not for you or it’s successful. OMGYes is not at all like watching porn, so if you’re exploring solo you need time and willpower to make it happen.

That’s not to say that’s the only way to get anything out of the website. It’s also very informative on a much simpler level. Just looking at the different actions and basic techniques can give you much more confidence playing with and providing pleasure to a vulva. Hearing a variety of women talk candidly about sex and pleasure is really comforting and liberating. Although it took me a few tries to watch the videos of women pleasuring themselves, seeing women so at ease with their bodies and so honest and open about pleasure shifted my perspective about my own body image.

Surely such a tastefully designed, interactive vessel of vital knowledge is outrageously expensive, but by some miracle, you too can give earth-shattering orgasms for a one-time payment of $50 for a year. Plus, once you get hooked they’re going to release more seasons on ‘penetration techniques and angles, how pleasure changes after childbirth, … how pleasure changes after menopause,’ and ‘the specifics of pleasure for people who have transitioned!’

Although there is already a lot of research out there about male pleasure, I’d like to see OMGYes do a similar season for men, as it’s such a sophisticated and respectful way to appreciate and explore sexuality,

Please, everyone buy this so we can all have amazing sex, all the time.

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