Review: Love and Friendship


This period drama, directed by Whit Stillman and based on Jane Austen’s epistolary novel Lady Susan, is an entertaining watch. With a strong cast and clever plot, the film is sure to make you laugh. Kate Beckinsale commands the leading role as Lady Susan Vernon, a recent widow who is looking for a suitable husband for her daughter Frederica (Morfydd Clark), and herself too – of course. The story begins with Lady Susan taking up residence at her in-law’s estate in the country. The plot is somewhat more racy and scandalous than one would normally associate with an Austen novel ,which makes it all the more intriguing, witty and likeable.

Another charming aspect of the film is its beautiful costuming and scenery. Elaborate hairstyles and intricately woven gowns, indicative of Austen period pieces, do not disappoint. These clothes are also perfectly placed in an idyllic backdrop of beautiful decor and landscape.

For anyone who enjoys a good Austen romance, Love and Friendship is the perfect way to fill an afternoon with wit, finery and the drama of finding a husband.