New beginnings can be tough. It can be easy to cling to old friends and habitual activities, to avoid ever having to inch outside of your realm of comfort. But how do you grow without embracing the unfamiliar?

I spent my first week of semester in my room – admiring my new abode, messaging friends back home and…rather lonely. In O-Week I was in bed by 1am because I was “trying to save money”.

So, what did I learn?

Well, it’s really hard to feel part of your hall when you don’t know half the people on your floor; and saving money is a lame excuse for not joining the student associations.

I’m not writing this for pity, nor to avoid leaving my room for another half hour. I’m writing this as a warning – as all the readings pile up and the tutors start recommending 8+ hours per week of study, remember to schedule in time for friends and time for you.

Say yes to that morning yoga class, stay back and chat when you’ve finished cooking, get coffee with a new friend after a tute, even if you haven’t done all the reading and assignments for next week.

As we salute 65 years of Woroni, we look at how it has evolved over time and ponder what future pages will hold. However we will not be stuck, unmoving in a period of nostalgia and wanderlust. We will keep writing, keep thinking and keep adapting…and so will you. So raise a glass to the people you left back home, and a goonsack to the people with whom you share a new home.