Musings About The ANU & UC Queer* Ball

The first thing I would like to say about the Queer* Ball this year was that there SO MANY cute men there! But I probably possessed one too many X chromosomes for anything to go  any further than a nice cha. Now I’m not even straight but damn were there some good looking men!

But picking up beautiful people was not the reason why I went to Queer* Ball! Although, it would have been the icing on top of a very colourful cake. Maybe if I did my burlesque routine, I would have had more luck? But unlike last year, this year’s ball committee were having none of that!


I must say it was a wonderful night to be a postgrad at this year’s ANU and UC Queer* Ball. I made sure to take full advantage of PARSA’s offer for free tickets. The Hellenic Club was a good location to hold this year’s ball and one that should be reconsidered for next year. The club is one of my favourite locations in Canberra. You could walk right out onto veranda and pretend you’re actually in a real city! 

The atmosphere of the ball was relaxed and everyone preferred to catch up and dance. It’s quite refreshing for someone who attends many heavy drinking events across uni. There were plenty of quality canapes to go around. The decorations were colourful and displayed a very simple elegance. Nothing more needed to be added, lest it look garish and overdone. You can see that the ball committee this year put in a lot of effort and their hard work definitely did pay off because most, if not everybody, were having a fabulous time. Although I would like to mention that the extra $6 cocktail (another reason why I love the Hellenic) did add more excitement to the night. That’s just the heavy drinker in me talking though. 

It was a shame that most of the Queer* Ball entertainment cancelled at the last minute. Fun Machine would have had a lot of pull from both the student community and the public. But at the end of the day, it really did not matter. Especially when you consider that attendees were more interested in dancing rather than standing around watching a bunch of bands. On that note, 104.7’s Felixxx was the only entertainer who did not back out and everyone on the dance floor were grateful for it. The highlight was definitely when he played “Take On Me”. I wonder who the genius who requested that was! 

Seriously the only thing missing that night was burlesque! 

Keep it in mind for next year’s ball! Lily and her friends always deliver!


Photography by Ben McColl


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