Issue 3 2019 Cover

Issue 3, Vol. 69 2019

Editors’ Welcome

When I started at Woroni two years ago I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. My reasons for applying to be a content sub-editor were simple:

1) I wanted to meet people outside of my college;

2) I really wanted to write about the arts; and

3) I was a smartarse and did the application and testing to prove that I was pretty good at editing.

I could not have foreseen back then the incredible growth and change in the organisation, and even the growth and change I have gone through over this time.

I am so proud to have contributed to Woroni. It has given me opportunities to learn, has supported me in my growth and has given me a wealth of experiences. I am so proud of the family which is fostered within Woroni. Some of my best friendships have been fostered here, I have met the most incredible people, and they have supported through some dark moments. I am so proud of Woroni. For all of its imperfections and insecurities it always strives to tell student stories, and thereby colour-in the canvas of campus.

I close this chapter of my university experience, and my life, feeling much the same as when I finish reading a copy of this magazine: I have experienced a whole array of emotions, have been exposed to new perspectives and have been inspired by the talent of all who were involved.

Ben Lawrence – Signing off as Deputy Editor-in-Chief


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