Imagination is my Safe Space.


The main themes I work with find their roots in my inner world and literature. Working on my sculptures is often therapeutic in nature, and the outcome is influenced by my amateur interest in psychoanalysis. For these pieces, I was greatly inspired by Jeffrey Eugenide’s novel ‘The Virgin Suicides’, because the story was told in the first-person plural from the perspective of an anonymous group, which mades it harder to find the truth and motives behind the story. I often combine other people’s stories together with my own in my work, so in a way I too, am disguising the actual narrator.

Art is a form of communication, my own attempt to have some sort of an emotional or intellectual connection with viewers. I believe that a work of art is a mirror of the artist’s personality. Some of my work reflects my social anxieties, dilemmas, and insecurities. Imagination is my safe space, the place where I feel at home, and through which I try to speak out.

The contradiction and duality of working with both kitsch and found objects I have a personal history with – and attachment to -is visible in my work. Something intimate and fragile is usually hidden under the first striking visual layer that often can seem either macabre or childlike. I also like to work with childhood memorabilia and the excess that I have associated with adolescence.

I think that art in general should make us feel something; it should enrich us, and ideally even make us stop and think. Works of art should convey emotions and thoughts. The artist has done his or her job right when the artwork provides pleasure and offers creative inspiration, or when it sets up a dialogue and brings issues to the viewers’ attention.

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Woroni, Woroni Radio and Woroni TV are created, edited, published, printed and distributed. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that the name Woroni was taken from the Wadi Wadi Nation without permission, and we are striving to do better for future reconciliation.